GEM Office Technologies Launches Cyber Threat Detection Platform to Enable Companies to Detect, Contain and Eliminate Today’s Cyber Threats

GEM's latest Quick Response Mobile Service Vehicle, The Threat Detection Lab, in front of the GEM HQ. (Photo: Business Wire)

MAHWAH, N.J.--()--GEM Office Technologies, a leading office technology provider, announces a new service and cloud based software designed to evaluate possible cyber threats. The system is capable of detecting & containing infected files and preventing malware from infecting endpoints.

Cyber attackers are now targeting small- to medium-sized businesses. When an attacker gains access to any endpoint, they gain an entry into your network. Once an endpoint is compromised, a hacker can obtain sensitive information, leaving your business vulnerable to identity theft and data breaches. The intruder could even encrypt files and hold it for digital ransom.

GEM’s GUARD DOG Cyber Endpoint Platform continuously monitors and protects potential threats on laptops, smartphones, tablets, networked printers, or any device that is connected to a company’s network.

Ransomware has become a critical concern for businesses around the world. Data breaches are costing companies millions and conventional antivirus software is not able to keep companies safe any longer.

“When I found out how simple it was to hack into a company’s network and obtain things such as passwords and bank account numbers, I immediately started working on Guard Dog,” says Kevin Dalessandro, President and CEO of GEM Office Technologies. “No longer is this threat only a concern for large corporations. Businesses of all sizes are being targeted and with Guard Dog it is simple to protect your endpoints from these attacks.”

Most conventional antivirus programs run on a “default allow” philosophy. This means that “unknown” files that aren’t recognized as known malware can pass through the firewall and can possibly infect endpoints. This method works to prevent already known malware. Due to the sheer number of new malware infections being released on a daily basis by hackers, this method is no longer effective.

Guard Dog’s threat containment approach and “default deny” strategy solve this issue and prevent any “unknown” files from taking over individual systems. “Unknown” files can operate in a secure container until the true nature of the program can be determined. Therefore, the files never have a chance to take over and can be safely deleted by Guard Dog, if determined to be corrupt, intrusive or from an unknown source. This methodology is a game-changer in data security for businesses.

To complement this growing threat, GEM has released its “Threat Detection Lab”, adding to their fleet of Innovative Quick Response Mobile Service Vehicles. The mobile “Virus Containment Lab” will be dispatched to provide a free forensic analysis, and to determine a company’s vulnerability to cyber threats.

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Gem Office Technologies, LLC
Marybeth Albohn, 201-904-2200

Release Summary

Gem Office Tech offers a new Cyber Endpoint Protection Platform and adds new mobile lab to its fleet of quick response service vehicles.


Gem Office Technologies, LLC
Marybeth Albohn, 201-904-2200