Classroom Study Reveals New Strategies to Reduce Bullying with Classcraft

New Guide Includes Teacher-Tested Methods to Prevent Bullying with Interactive Classroom Game

NEW YORK--()--Classcraft, an education technology platform inspired by popular interactive role-playing games, today released a guide in conjunction with the Liaison Center for Psychosocial Prevention and Intervention (CLIPP) to help educators reduce bullying in schools.

The guide, “Well Played!,” was developed over a period of one year with 12 teachers from six schools in Quebec, Canada, in an experiment to reduce bullying in their classrooms using the Classcraft platform. The strategies outlined in the guide include the latest research-backed approaches and the most effective tactics identified over the course of the study.

“Bullying is a widespread problem that can lead to some serious consequences for the person experiencing bullying as well as the bullies,” said Marie Claude Lagacé, CLIPP CEO. “The negative impact of bullying on overall school climate can also hurt students’ academic success. We are excited to see how integrating Classcraft with the schools' existing anti-bullying strategies contributes to reducing the incidence of bullying in schools.”

Classcraft is an all-in-one gamification platform for the classroom that goes beyond compulsory curriculum to foster collaboration through play. The basis of the game is that students gain or lose points according to the teacher’s expectations, usually based on school conduct procedures and student engagement. Students must learn to rely on one another and cooperate in order to succeed.

“From the very start of Classcraft, we’ve heard from teachers about the impact that the program has made in their efforts to prevent bullying,” said Shawn Young, co-founder and CEO of Classcraft. “Not only is the platform set up in a way that promotes prosocial behaviors, like helping other students and showing empathy, but it goes beyond that. Classcraft is particularly effective because it empowers victims and those who witness bullying to stop the behavior in its tracks.”

“Well Played!” is a practical guide that combines scientific research with the best practices gleaned from the classroom field test to provide a specific plan that teachers and other professionals can use to prevent bullying and discrimination.

“Classcraft has completely changed the learning environment of my classroom with many new ways for students to work with one another,” said teacher Christian Patenaude from Collège Reine-Marie in Montreal. “I have seen first-hand outcomes that have helped reduce bullying throughout our school, while continuing to support academic advancement among the students. It’s been amazing to see how transformative it’s been.”

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About Classcraft

Classcraft is a Quebec- and New York City-based education technology company whose mission is to transform the learning experience using game mechanics to engage and motivate students. Classcraft’s designed learning experience is used in 75 countries, including 20,000 schools in the U.S., reaching more than 3 million student users around the world.


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RH Strategic for Classcraft
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