MacX MediaTrans Big Overhaul: Backup Data at Industry-Leading Speed for Industry-First iPhone X/8, iOS 11

MacXDVD Software, a multimedia solution giant, has announced MacX MediaTrans V4.8 to offer day zero data & storage management capabilities for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and devices that upgrade to iOS 11.

CHENGDU, China--()--MacXDVD Software today announced the availability of MacX MediaTrans V4.8, which adds full support for all Apple releases. Apple users will be able to upgrade to iOS 11 or switch to iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus immediately, confident that their precious photos, videos, music and memories will be safely backed up to a Mac in case anything goes awry during the migration.

iOS-device backup & restore failures creep up every year, and Twitter and other social media become inundated with disgruntled customers reporting a myriad of backup problems like data loss, stuck files or restore issues. As millions of users upgrade to iOS 11 or iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Plus, customers will require a handy and proven solution to ensure that devices are properly backed up during the peak hours.

The "smartphone-of-the-future" iPhone X, the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus do not give users too much choice regarding storage, with only 64GB and 256GB tiers available. There is no sweet spot. A measly 64GB can soon be occupied by high-quality images, 4K recordings and videos -- not to mention AR gaming applications that require larger storage capacity.

By adding immediate support for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iOS 11, MacX MediaTrans V4.8 is the most efficient alternative solution to iTunes and iCloud for backing up an iPhone to a Mac, with speed, data security, personal privacy, iDevice storage space and everything else taken into account.

At a blistering speed of "8s-for-100-photos," MacX MediaTrans has created a new record for the fastest ever backup & transfer speed for iOS data. Content like live photos, HDR pictures, HD selfies, HIFF images or HEVC videos, music, 4K recordings, movies, ebooks, iTunes purchases, voice memos, podcasts and more can be backed up from old iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, SE or earlier to a Mac. Old backups and new content, such as music and movie downloads, can be transferred from a Mac to a newly-released iPhone X/8 in a blink of an eye.

The iPhone manager can free up storage space for either entry-level iPhones or iOS updates as well. Specifically, the iOS 11 update is 1.8GB in size and at least 4GB of available storage is suggested before comfortably upgrading. To avoid the "Not Enough Storage" error, gigabytes of data need to be transferred. Measly 16/32/64GB iPhone users can now take solace knowing a sound method to reclaim more room exists, with every confidence that they can always transfer the large-size files, mass delete space-hogging photos from the Camera roll or reduce video file sizes by up to 50% off with no quality sacrifice.

Advanced options are all at users' fingertips, such as creating a customized ringtone, bulk syncing ringtones to iPhone 8/X , auto converting MKV, WMV, AVI, and other non-Apple supported video/audio files into MP4, MP3, AAC, creating, editing and deleting playlists, albums, and using the iPhone as an USB drive to store any files.

Pricing and Availability
MacX MediaTrans, normally priced at $59.95, is FREE for all participators now in celebration of the arrival of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iOS 11. All users also stand a chance to win an Apple iPhone 8 together with huge prizes by join MacXDVD "Share & Win iPhone 8" Contest. Check the details of MacXDVD Gift Contest at

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Release Summary

MacXDVD Software announced MacX MediaTrans V4.8 to provide immediate support for iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus and devices that upgrade to iOS 11.


MacXDVD Software, Inc.
Sarah Wang, +86-28-85134884