RingByName Integrates Communications and Messaging Platform Into More Than 750 Workplace Apps Through New Partnership

New Integration With Zapier Expands Cloud Communications, Collaboration Across Vast Landscape of SaaS Apps That are Integral Tools for Today’s Workplace

MIAMI--()--RingByName, a leading provider of cloud business communication and collaboration solutions, today announced their integration with Zapier, a Web app automation service, that embeds RingByName into more than 750 workplace SaaS applications. Available immediately, this integration makes voice and messaging capabilities an integral part of the everyday business workflow in workplaces around the world. The directory of plug-ins is available online at http://www.ringbyname.com/marketplace/.

Through this integration, any business currently using Zapier to automate custom workflows can improve sales and customer service and streamline internal communications. Because the integration occurs on the existing Zapier platform, companies don’t need to invest any development resources to enable RingByName’s capabilities.

“Communication and collaboration are part of an integrated workflow for the modern workforce,” said Matt Bramson, Chief Growth Officer of RingByName. “The launch of the Zapier and RingByName integration automates and improves workflows unlocking value and savings.”

RingByName’s integration with Zapier makes infusing business communications into every aspect of work even easier and more cost-effective. Customers are now able to set automated responses for missed calls via SMS, Gmail, or team messaging; archive voice recordings or email attachments in Box® or Google Drive™ folders; and kick off a Salesforce or Intercom ticket in response to phone calls from specific numbers.

Some of the more notable apps into which RingByName can be integrated easily and quickly include: Google Drive™, Google Sheets™, Evernote®, Twitter®, Salesforce®, Dropbox®, WordPress®, Google Calendar™, Gmail™, MailChimp®, Trello®, HubSpot®, Asana™, GitHub®, LinkedIn®, Eventbrite®, Buffer™, PayPal®, and Zendesk®.

“Today’s workplaces need the ability to easily embed their communications functions into all their other business software apps to maximize efficiency in both internal and external communications,” said Anderson Ouriques, Applications Development Manager at RingByName. “This integration with Zapier is the easiest solution available for embedding communications into many business applications.”

Businesses can create their own custom automations and workflows, including the following:

  • Archive a new call recording into a Box or Google Drive folder
  • Send an email response via Gmail upon receipt of a new voicemail message
  • Send an SMS to a support queue after a missed call from a customer
  • Create a new Google Sheets row after ending a phone call
  • Post a message in Salesforce after receiving a missed call
  • Send an automated Gmail email or Slack message after receiving a new phone call

About RingByName

RingByName is a cloud-based communications platform for businesses of all sizes and types. It helps companies build and retain relationships with their customers while running more smoothly. RingByName offers innovative features including a free web and mobile app so that companies can stay in touch anytime, anywhere. RingByName is headquartered in Miami, Florida and boasts hundreds of thousands of customers in 70 countries worldwide. For more information visit http://www.ringbyname.com

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RingByName Integrates Communications and Messaging Platform Into More Than 750 Workplace Apps Through New Partnership With Zapier



Matt Bramson, 305-728-6420