ThreatSTOP Launches New Roaming Endpoint DNS Defense

Lightweight and powerful protection against ransomware, phishing, malware, and data theft for laptops and other off-premise devices

CARLSBAD, Calif.--()--ThreatSTOP, the integrated platform for weaponizing threat intelligence, today announced the general release of ThreatSTOP Roaming Defense, a lightweight agent that rapidly detects and automatically blocks malicious DNS queries on off-premise devices.

The ThreatSTOP integrated platform is the only cloud-based solution that transforms passive threat intelligence into proactive enforcement policies and automates the real-time updating of network enforcement devices like firewalls, routers, switches and DNS servers. ThreatSTOP’s Roaming Defense solution extends the company’s leading network DNS Defense to roaming laptops, both inside and outside corporate networks.

While other roaming solutions typically send event and enterprise data to the Cloud, exposing it to hackers and theft, ThreatSTOP’s Roaming Defense essentially puts a DNS Firewall on each device, keeping data from external exposure and allowing full enforcement without using external 3rd party DNS servers or requiring a VPN connection.

Roaming Defense easily installs on Mac OSX and Windows laptops, and provides a centralized portal to manage integrated network and endpoint security policies, including reports of blocked threats, by hostname, and the capability to allow (or restrict) users from adding whitelist entries.

“Roaming Defense is far more than just endpoint protection. The far greater value is harvesting unique telemetry and deploying stronger integration between network and endpoint security,” said Tom Bennett, Chief Executive Officer at ThreatSTOP. “Integration, particularly at the policy level, results in more accurate threat detection, faster alerts, reduced incident and investigation costs, and broader opportunities for automated remediation.”

“We currently use ThreatSTOP’s network IP and DNS Defense platform. ThreatSTOP’s automated updates and proactive prevention capabilities let us stay ahead of the attackers,” said Chris Daugbjerg, Senior IT Director for William Demant Group. “As a global healthcare company with a significant mobile workforce, we are excited about at the possibilities that Roaming Defense will add to our real-time security posture.”

The ThreatSTOP solution is of particular interest to MSP’s and MSSP’s, especially those focusing on next generation managed detection and response (MDR). Both MSP and Enterprise customers can, for example, correlate a network-level alert with roaming endpoint IOCs, analyze in conjunction with current network traffic, and deploy real-time enterprise wide process blocking based on the incident, all from a centralized management interface.

Learn more or start a 14-day free trial of ThreatSTOP’s Roaming Defense here.


ThreatSTOP is the only SaaS platform that weaponizes threat intelligence by transforming forensic data into enforcement policies, and automatically updating firewalls, routers, DNS servers and endpoints to stop attacks before they become breaches. Founded in 2009, ThreatSTOP has weaponized threat intel for over 800 customers in financial services, healthcare, energy manufacturing, education and insurance. For more information, visit ThreatSTOP at


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ThreatSTOP Launches New Roaming Endpoint DNS Defense.

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Lauren Wilson, (760) 542-1550 x 4382