The Fintech Name Generator: What The Industry Didn’t Ask For but Needs

NEW YORK--()--Vested Ventures, the investment fund associated with the fastest growing public relations agency globally, Vested, today released what the financial technology and investment industries never asked for but quite obviously need: The Fintech Name Generator (

Now, when the next entrepreneur inevitably tries to rebrand an ATM as “Uber for cash,” they can draw up a half-dozen suitable names before their meeting with Sequoia.

A checklist for naming tomorrow’s latest, greatest fintech, according to Vested Ventures, includes:

  • Add "ly" to the end of everything: Cash = Cashly; Lend = Lendly.
  • The vowels are lava. Run from them: Cash = Csh; Lend = Lnd.
  • Add an "R" for no obvious reason: Cash = Cashr; Lend = Lendr.
  • Use vaguely positive sounding word or name: Prosper, Acorns, Seedling, RobinHood, Mother Theresa, Gandhi.
  • Boys rule: Oscar, Casper, Marcus, Jarvis, Albert. Young men's names are so hot right now. Extra points if it sounds like an 18th century manservant.

Continually amused by the names of startups in their space, Vested’s account team billed a half-hour to “Admin” in order to come up with an applicable list of sounds people can theoretically make with their mouth, then finalized it during the agency’s monthly happy hour.

“Our name generator is a cheeky joke, but the seriousness of establishing the right brand for financial technology is not. A strong brand goes beyond a name. It is how a company goes about delivering, repeatedly and consistently, on a promise made to customers and other stakeholders. It’s the process of becoming the best solution to a real problem,” said Eric Hazard, CEO of Vested Ventures.

“We look for opportunities to align with small, technical teams who appreciate that strong brands are an essential component of a startup business, because that’s how we help young fintech companies win,” he added. “And if they also laugh at our jokes, all the better.”

A recent survey from Vested, the parent company of Vested Ventures, found that Millennials place more trust in technology firms than they do in banks. This suggests that fintech companies that target consumer audiences should brand themselves as technology companies first and foremost. Vested is a multidisciplinary communications agency that brings these unique, factual insights to the table for large, trusted financial services companies as well as fintech upstarts.

About Vested Ventures

The strategy of Vested Ventures is to create long-term partnerships via equity positions and consulting services with startups that complement the agency’s current client base, which consists of transformative companies that operate across the financial services industry, and to help those companies grow by using the agency’s expertise in strategic communications.

A team of veteran financial communications consultants at New York-based firm Vested founded and run the practice. Its methodology and an application form are available at

About Vested

Named the world’s fastest growing public relations agency, Vested is an integrated communications firm focused on the future of finance. Vested’s approach merges deep financial expertise with creativity to deliver award-winning, integrated campaign for our global clienteles.

Vested is a founding member of the Global Fintech PR Network and recently launched the industry’s first agency-run investment group, Vested Ventures. Learn more at, or via Twitter or LinkedIn.


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Release Summary

The Fintech Name Generator is what fintech never asked for but needs.


Andrew Graham, +1-646-385-0189