Silent Circle Acquires Kesala to Strengthen Data Protection for Global Business Operations

GoSilent Provides Unrivaled Encryption Technology in a Simple, Portable Package

COLUMBIA, Md.--()--Silent Circle, a pioneer in enterprise-class mobile security, privacy and compliance solutions, today announced the acquisition of Kesala, a Maryland-based company which gained initial startup support from DataTribe. A mobile firewall, WiFi hotspot and VPN cloud service outfitted with unrivaled government-grade encryption technology, Kesala-developed GoSilent is the primer necessary for Silent Circle to capitalize on serving a global business market entrenched in a constant battle to assure data security. GoSilent establishes security across desktops, laptops, servers, mobile phones and IoT devices.

According to Gartner, “While attacks intended to bring down infrastructure are serious concerns, the greatest risk for most Gartner clients is currently theft, loss and misuse of enterprise information. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in networks and systems in order to claim the final prize: information. Further complicating the situation, users readily share or copy this same information into their mobile and cloud queues, or personal email accounts, in ways that make theft easier; because breaking down weak, patchy and missing mobile data defenses is far easier than penetrating corporate firewalls.”
Gartner, Inc., Data Can Move Without Leaking – Eliminate Four Flaws in Your Mobile Information Protection Strategy, John Girard, Brian Reed, April 2017.

Data compromise is causing immeasurable harm to businesses and their trusted partners, rapidly increasing the need for encrypting and obfuscating internet traffic. For example, most devices are automatically wired to search for an internet connection, leaving executives and employees at risk of unknowingly connecting to a compromised WiFi, cellular or satellite network. Additionally, the average individual does not utilize, nor cares to utilize, the basic encryption that is pre-built into their device. They often feel as though security features inhibit productivity. GoSilent solves these problems by encrypting all data before it even reaches the internet, thereby negating the need to worry about in-transit data loss and enabling users to work as they did before security policies muddied the waters.

“The concern over finding a solution to prevent data loss is pervasive,” said Gregg Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Silent Circle. “Corporations can be fined substantially for breaches of data involving lost devices, and the associated IP. Integrating GoSilent into our product suite will allow corporations to confidently and simply add an additional layer of protection to their global business operations with a device specifically designed to prohibit data compromise.”

GoSilent is user-friendly, extremely compact and requires minimal set up. Compatible with servers, phones, desktops, laptops or any IoT device, the data in motion is government-grade encrypted by GoSilent and then passed through the VPN. The box can be used regardless of the user’s connection to a public or private network and will be complimented by a suite of cloud services Silent Circle will sell alongside the hardware.

“There is immense value in enterprises being able to secure data-in-transit and we are pleased that GoSilent will be able to leverage Silent Circle’s global reach, size, scale, and dedicated customer base to grow and make an impact on the industry,” said Vesh Bhatt, the current CTO of GoSilent Products at Silent Circle, and previously the CEO of Kesala.

The news has been plagued by reports of information breaches that are not only causing irreparable harm to the data owners, but also to their constituents. For many organizations, the unmanageable loss of data in motion has been uncontrollable, until now. With the acquisition of Kesala, Silent Circle has become the first security solution provider to offer an unparalleled level of encryption to businesses and governments internationally. The company continues to uphold their promise to secure all data-in-transit, no matter the location or device it originates from.

About Silent Circle

Silent Circle’s enterprise-scale secure mobile communications solutions are deployed in hundreds of the most demanding networking environments worldwide, including the Fortune 100 and government agencies in 100+ countries. Delivered through a game-changing mobile ecosystem of software and services, the company’s award-winning product family comprises: Silent Phone, a secure calling and messaging application; Blackphone, a hardened, secure handset; Silent World, a secure way to communicate globally outside of the Silent Phone network; and Silent Manager, a web-based administrative console for managing users. Company founders include former Navy SEAL and security expert Mike Janke; Internet Hall of Famer Phil Zimmermann, developer of Silent Circle’s ZRTP cryptography protocol and co-founder of PGP Corporation; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple’s whole disk encryption software and also a PGP Corporation co-founder. Silent Circle is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland.


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Release Summary

Silent Circle today announced the acquisition of Kesala, a Maryland-based company which gained initial startup support from DataTribe.


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Allison Di Tomasso, 910-690-9482