SOOSAN INT Acquires ARA Networks’s SSL-PRISM and Releases ePrism SSL Series

  • SOOSAN INT acquired ARA Networks's SSL-PRISM and combined it with its own SSL visibility solution
  • One-source-multiple-use SSL decryption solution
  • Highly compatible with APT, SWG, and other network security devices
  • Removes the encrypted traffic blind spot in network security solutions

SOOSAN INT has released the ePrism SSL series, an enhanced SSL decryption solution which includes several configurations including ePrism SSL Proxy for cloud environments and the ePrism SSL VA for network security devices such as APT and SWG solutions. (Photo: Business Wire)

SEOUL, South Korea--()--SOOSAN INT (KOSDAQ: 050960, Chairman and President: Sukhyun Chung), a company specializing in network security products, has released the ePrism SSL series, an enhanced SSL decryption solution. The series includes several configurations including ePrism SSL Proxy for cloud environments and the ePrism SSL VA for network security devices such as APT and SWG solutions.

SSL and other forms of encryption are important for the security of individual users, but traditional network security devices don't decrypt encrypted traffic. Critically, this loophole allows programs, particularly ransomware and other forms of malware, to bypass security controls and communicate with C&C (Command and Control) servers via encrypted traffic. As the amount of legitimate and in some cases, malicious, traffic increases, it is critical that the traffic be inspected. According to Gartner, by 2017, over half of the attacks against corporate networks will use encryption to bypass security controls [1].

Now, with SOOSAN INT's acquisition of Ara's SSL-PRISM including the related patents and software, and the release of the new ePrism SSL VA, encrypted traffic can be inspected by network security devices.

Already WOONGJIN Group, Commercial Bank of Dubai, and 27 other customers globally have installed ePrism SSL VA in their networks demonstrating ePrism SSL VA’s performance and stability. ePrism SSL gives full SSL traffic visibility to malware blocking solutions and web filtering solutions. For these solutions, ePrism has an exclusive Block Message Pass Through feature that allows the sending of block messages directly to the user without the need for external systems in order to allow such solutions to fully use their original features.

Additional features include automatic certificate distribution, blocking of browser anonymization tools and protocols, and inline 5-tuple maintenance. The current line-up includes 7 models supporting traffic from 100M to 10G.

This acquisition demonstrates SOOSAN's commitment to the next generation encryption-enabled devices. To prepare for this market, SOOSAN has a complete line of SSL-decryption solutions. SOOSAN is also advancing its Secure Web Gateway series, eWalker, with over 1000 active corporate accounts.

[1] Gartner's Forecast: Information Security, released July 24, 2015. Updated 2Q15.


Founded in 1998, SOOSAN INT developed Korea's first web traffic filtering software. Now with years of expertise specializing in information security, SOOSAN INT continues to develop network security solutions. SOOSAN INT's product line-up includes the eWalker series of internet traffic filtering and user management solutions and an endpoint authentication service that is run in cooperation with Korea's major 3 telecom companies. Listed on the KOSDAQ last year, SOOSAN INT holds over 200 patents and copyrights.


Choi Yiyoung, +82-2-750-0843

Release Summary

SOOSAN INT launches new ePrism SSL series, an enhanced one-source-multiple-use SSL decryption solution, after acquisition of Ara's SSL-PRISM.

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Choi Yiyoung, +82-2-750-0843