Case Study on Data Integration for a Leading Retail Chain Released by Quantzig

A leading retail chain was facing challenges managing the data sets involved in their compliance training and product return processes. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--A global retail chain company came to Quantzig seeking assistance in accumulating and organizing data in an effective manner. The client wanted to manage their data sets in compliance training and product return processes. The client also wanted to track and monitor their returns correctly.

The customer of today are more informed and discerning and are using the digital media to perform research and find out alternatives and compare products online. To meet the needs of consumers and to stay ahead in the market, retailers are using analytics solutions to understand the preferences of the consumers and optimize costs without compromising on the quality of the products.

According to Quantzig’s data integration experts, “Data integration can help businesses to integrate data from existing on-premises systems into the cloud, big data, and IoT systems in a cost-effective manner.”

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This data integration solution provided benefits that helped the client to:

  • Create a comprehensive report that provided information on compliance course consumption
  • Identify locations that require more compliance training
  • Reduce returns by 20% and assess the performance tracking
  • Reduce time-consumption and man power compared to previous Excel-based reports

This data integration solution offered predictive insights such as:

  • Quickly spotting the pain points and making informed business decisions
  • Enabling the client to further operationalize their business and reducing product returns by 20%.

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Anirban Choudhury
Marketing Consultant

Release Summary

The client wanted Quantzig's help to accumulate and organize data in a more seamless and effective manner.


Anirban Choudhury
Marketing Consultant