Anonyome Labs Announces $20.4M Funding Round on Strength of 1.2M Sudos; Adds LifeLock Founder Todd Davis to Board

Symantec CEO, LifeLock, Crosspoint, Ariba founders, and Hanna Ventures back comprehensive strategy to give consumers flexible identities for greater privacy and safety in the digital world.

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Anonyome Labs, a consumer privacy startup from cybersecurity veteran Steve Shillingford, announced today it has closed a $20.4 million Series B round, on the strength of its consumer privacy and safety platform. Anonyome’s apps give consumers the ability to create multiple digital identities to defend themselves against the companies and cybercriminals trying to track, hack and exploit the private information of consumers.

Existing investors, including Symantec CEO Greg Clark and Crosspoint Ventures founder John Mumford, and new investors including LifeLock founder Todd Davis, Ariba co-founder Ken Eldred, and Hanna Ventures all participated in the funding round. Anonyome also announced that Todd Davis has joined the Anonyome board. The investment backs Shillingford’s vision for a comprehensive consumer platform to swing the balance of power back to individuals, while countering the unchecked power of data miners and hackers.

Steve Shillingford, founder and CEO of Anonyome Labs, said: “In a world where data breaches and egregious privacy violations are escalating, and governments have proved impotent to help, Anonyome is finally giving consumers the ability to be in control of all their personally identifiable and sensitive information. Our vision is a world liberated from bleak forecasts about the lack of safety on the Internet, excessive tracking and monitoring of your online activities, and invasive and ineffectual government legislation. With over 1.2 million Sudos in use today, our users are deciding with whom, what, where, and how they share their information for much greater digital safety. If you’re fed up with the constant surveillance, credit card fraud, or the Googles of the world tracking everything you do, we have a simple and powerful way for you to take back control.”

The new investment will help Anonyome expand development and support growth for its Sudo family of apps – which today include SudoApp and SudoPay, both available in the Apple App Store.

Todd Davis, founder and former CEO of LifeLock, said: “I have seen, and been a part of, new technology offerings like identity protection that created new sectors and quickly became things we couldn’t imagine living without. I believe we are at a similar early chapter with Sudo. We will soon look back in disbelief on a time where we used to give up all of our personal information – and let others profit from it – just to get access to the applications, services and social networks we wanted to use. I’m proud to join the Anonyome board and its vision of a world with billions of Sudos – where consumers have full control over their personal and private information. This is going to be bad news for big data miners, hackers and privacy violators – and great news for everyone else.”

Anonyome’s SudoApp and SudoPay apps can be used separately or together, allowing consumers to call, text and email, anyone, anywhere—while having the control to purchase goods and services online without leaving any personal, private information that would be vulnerable to malicious hackers and trackers.

Anonyome Labs was launched in early 2014 by Steve Shillingford, former CEO of Solera Networks, Greg Clark, current CEO of Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), John Mumford, founder of Crosspoint Ventures, and Dr. Paul Ashley, former lead architect for IBM’S Advanced Threat Protection platform. The company, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and an office on the Gold Coast, Australia, has assembled an experienced team with over 100 patents in cryptography, encryption, identity management, network security and behavioral analytics.

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Anonyome (Uh-non-O-me) Labs was created to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information while providing complete protection and safety in the digital world. We believe that people should be able to determine how, what, and with whom they share their personal details. We are building the tools that shift the balance of power from the public and private data brokers, advertisers, and organizations demanding your personal information, back to you, the user. For more information, visit:


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Anonyome Labs Announces $20.4M Funding Round on Strength of 1.2M Sudos; adds LifeLock Founder Todd Davis to Board


Anonyome Labs
Flora Lels, 415-307-5863