Back to School: CareerBliss Releases 20 Happiest Colleges for 2017

The CareerBliss Happiest College and University Workplaces 2017

IRVINE, Calif.--()--CareerBliss, the leading online career community, releases the CareerBliss 20 Happiest College and University Workplaces in America. This data is derived from college and university employees who voluntarily submit reviews to, evaluating their organization’s leadership, culture, compensations and work environment. Each review is given an average score indicating where the organization ranks between one and five. After analyzing thousands of reviews, Iowa State University comes in as the happiest school followed by University of North Carolina and Columbia University rounding out the 20 Happiest Colleges.

CareerBliss 20 Happiest Colleges

Rank   College BlissScore
1   Iowa State University 3.844
2   University of North Carolina 3.834
3   Northeastern University 3.785
4   University of Maryland 3.776
5   University of Massachusetts 3.743
6   University of Cincinnati 3.688
7   University of Houston 3.676
8   Arizona State University 3.665
9   Oklahoma State University 3.623
10   North Carolina State University 3.583
11   University of Texas 3.574
12   University of Illinois at Chicago 3.571
13   University of Southern California 3.568
14   University of Arkansas 3.492
15   Purdue University 3.443
16   University of Florida 3.411
17   Texas A&M University 3.381
18   University of Wisconsin 3.343
19   Syracuse University 3.314
20   Columbia University 3.286

“As a parent to two university students, I have experienced the importance a culture of happiness can have on the education and experience of our youth,” says Heidi Golledge, Cofounder and Chief Happiness Officer of CareerBliss.

“Thousands of students are returning to our American colleges and universities for the 2017-2018 academic year. It is important to recognize the faculty and staff creating a better environment for the next generation of students. Having happy, engaged professors allows the schools to create an environment of happy and engaged students,” continues Golledge.

How CareerBliss Evaluates Happiness

CareerBliss’ data evaluates the key factors that impact happiness at work including: One’s relationship with management and company or organization, compensation, workplace environment, growth opportunities, satisfaction with job role, overall workplace setting. All reviews are ranked on a scale of one to five.

About CareerBliss

CareerBliss is an online career community designed to help everyone find happiness in the workplace. CareerBliss offers the ability to find out what makes them happy and the ability to seek that out in other jobs or improve it in their current exploring more than six million independent company reviews and salary comparisons, and more than three million job listings.

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Alia Henson, 316-619-4245
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Alia Henson, 316-619-4245
Director of Communications