Movemedical Releases Medical Device Inventory, Sales, & Communication Platform to Combat Supply Chain Waste

Is There Hope for Reducing Healthcare Costs by Eliminating Waste in the Implant Medical Device Supply Chain? $15 Billion waste in the implant device industry due to inefficient, manual, and disconnected systems, driving up patient costs.

SAN DIEGO--()--Movemedical announces the release of its implant medical device field sales and inventory SaaS platform. Healthcare costs in the U.S. are out of control. In fact, health care costs more in the U.S. than in any other country, partly because of the tremendous amount of waste in the healthcare supply chain. To help eliminate waste in the implant medical device industry, Movemedical announces the public release of its platform for medical device manufacturers and distributors across the globe. With 17 full ERP integrations already under their belt in North America and Asia, Movemedical is on-track to help eliminate over $100 million in waste over the next two years.

By eliminating supply chain waste, Movemedical executives say patient costs can be reduced.

“In order to reduce waste, behavior must change. Behavior only changes when a better process is combined with a better tool,” said Bo Molocznik, Movemedical CEO and Founder.

After working with over 7,000 users on the original platform, Molocznik found that by creating a simple to use, yet fully comprehensive SaaS tool, it is possible to reduce inefficiencies while driving inventory visibility to near 100 percent levels.

Using Movemedical-built software, current clients have coordinated over 4 million successful orthopedic implant surgeries worldwide. The processes Movemedical developed have been transformed into industry-wide applications with unparalleled functionality that make HIPAA-compliant communication, real-time inventory visibility, and FDA UDI regulation standards a reality for sales and operations teams.

Mareo McCracken, Movemedical’s Revenue Leader says other tools do have some useful features, but are not complete, lacking important functionality included in the comprehensive Movemedical platform, such as:

  • HIPAA-Compliant Messaging
  • Simple & Precise Product Requesting by Multiple Stakeholders
  • Inventory Control & Visibility (UDI) Across All Inventory Types
  • Detailed Consignment Management Process
  • Full ERP Integration for Ordering, Billing & Transfers
  • Future-Looking Surgery / Case Metrics
  • Accurate Integrated Forecasting System
  • Detailed Sales Reports & Notifications

With more advanced data and predictive algorithms, future-looking projections can be employed to drive patient-specific care, according to Molocznik. That’s possible because Movemedical uses advanced machine learning and other innovative AI forecasting technologies to create massive inventory reductions and drive asset utilization. Behavior can finally change with a new SaaS tool that is leading the way with modern processes.

Movemedical is now out of beta and available for all medical device manufacturers and distributors. To learn more about how Movemedical is helping lower healthcare costs by reducing implant supply chain waste, contact Mareo McCracken at or 877.469.3992

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Mareo McCracken

Release Summary

A brand-new SaaS platform created by Movemedical is now available to help reduce health care costs by eliminating medical device supply chain waste.


Mareo McCracken