Arcimoto Goes Public Under Regulation A With Shares Available to Retail Investors Effective Immediately

Company preparing offering for public listing on NASDAQ and planning for full production of highly affordable Arcimoto SRK everyday electric vehicle

EUGENE, Ore.--()--Arcimoto®, makers of the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle™ — an affordable and practical pure electric vehicle for everyday commuters and fleets, announced today that its Reg A+ IPO has received qualification from the SEC. Concurrent with the live offering, the Company has begun preparing an S-1 format Form 1-A and Nasdaq Capital Market application in anticipation of a possible public listing of the stock at the conclusion of the offering. WR Hambrecht + Co is acting as the sole and exclusive underwriter for the Reg A+ IPO for Arcimoto.

Effective immediately, retail investors around the world can purchase equity in Arcimoto at $6.50 per share and participate in the company’s global mission to catalyze a shift to a sustainable transportation system. That mission serves the public interest around the world through the design, development and manufacture of the Arcimoto SRK everyday electric vehicle, bringing highly affordable, environmentally friendly and extraordinarily efficient transportation within reach of virtually everyone.

“Our thesis since the beginning has been to develop an incredibly fun and highly useful vehicle at a disruptive price point the mass market can afford,” said Mark Frohnmayer, President and founder of Arcimoto. “We believe the Arcimoto SRK will deliver on that vision: our target base model price of $11,900 is about a third of what a typical new electric car costs, and the near universal expression of glee from test drivers prompted us to dub it the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle. Today we are delighted to announce the availability of Arcimoto shares to the public, and the opportunity for citizens and everyday investors to take part in our mission to move the world towards a sustainable transportation system.”

The Offering Circular filed with respect to the Arcimoto Reg A+ IPO is available at:


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About Arcimoto

Headquartered and manufactured in Eugene, Oregon, Arcimoto is devising new technologies and patterns of mobility that together raise the bar for environmental efficiency, footprint and affordability. Available for pre-order today with a target purchase price of $11,900, Arcimoto’s SRK defines the Fun Utility Vehicle category: it’s the lightest, most affordable and performance-packed electric vehicle suitable for the daily driver. For more information please visit

About WR Hambrecht + Co

WR Hambrecht + Co has been focused on opening the investing world to as many people as possible at fair market prices and was instrumental in reforming Regulation A to help accomplish that for growth companies and investors. Its Regulation A+ strategy is a continuation of the Hambrecht legacy of conducting small public offerings for what were once considered high-risk start-ups that are now household names and Fortune 500 companies.


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Megan Kathman, 651-785-3212

Release Summary

On Arcimoto's path for listing on NASDAQ, effective immediately, retail investors can purchase equity in Arcimoto at $6.50 per share.


Skyya for Arcimoto
Megan Kathman, 651-785-3212