Live Abundant Founder Doug Andrew Talks “Entitlement Abolition” in New Season 5 Episode of C-Suite Best Seller TV

NYT bestselling author shares need to rewire thinking about money and life

SALT LAKE CITY--()--“I deserve it. I have a right to it. I’m going to get it.”

An increasingly common line of thinking is destroying the fabric of our society, according to Live Abundant Founder, financial strategist and multi-bestselling author Douglas R. Andrew in his Bestseller TV interview appearing on the C-Suite network in September 2017. Drawing on history, research, metaphors and personal stories outlined in his book, Entitlement Abolition, Andrew diagrams and unravels the growing plague of "feeling entitled."

While proposing practical solutions to this, one of the world’s most omnipresent issues, Entitlement Abolition underscores the need to focus one’s life on all three dimensions of real abundance—wealth, health and life fulfillment. Since 1974, Andrew has counseled tens of thousands of people on how to make healthy financial decisions, focusing particularly on the pitfalls of going after money and consumerism at the expense of one’s health, family and happiness. His books include Missed Fortune, The Last Chance Millionaire and Millionaire by Thirty.

"In today’s me-centric-instant-gratification world, too many of us, including the rising generation, fall into the trap of self-centeredness and consumerism," Andrew said. "Unless the problem of entitlement is addressed and reversed, we and our posterity face a troubling future.”

The Path to an Abundant Life

Released in 2016, the book details the three dimensions of authentic wealth—foundational, intellectual and financial—and steps for building and maintaining each dimension into one’s life. Focus areas include:

  • Responsibility and accountability vs. entitlement
  • Empowering vs. enabling your family
  • Abundance mindsets vs. scarcity mindsets
  • Being we-centric vs. me-centric
  • Independence vs. dependence

“If we don’t capture and leave behind ‘how to fish’ to those we care about, including our children and grandchildren, we will in essence be just ‘dumping fish’ in their lap and actually enabling them with an entitlement mentality,” Andrew wrote. “The abundant mindset is the only mindset to happiness in life.”

A History of Entitlement

The rise and fall of major civilizations, such as the Roman Empire, hold a pattern that often happens in families today, Andrew explores in the book. It begins with a period of significant growth—an era filled with expansion in areas such as skills, wisdom, knowledge, affluence and ways of living.

“Growth and progress lead to continued increase, with knowledge, influence and power spurring the development of even more knowledge, influence and power,” Andrew wrote. “Wealth and abundance abound—until entitlement creeps in. It’s a never-ending cycle, unless we see the warning signs and learn the skills to overcome it.”

In addition to the macro view, the book hones in on today’s generation and how to eliminate the entitlement mentality among children and young adults who may have been “born on third base, and grew up thinking they had hit a triple,” said Andrew.

About Live Abundant

Founded by Douglas R. Andrew in 1974, Live Abundant has influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people by teaching a three-dimensional strategy of wealth, health and life fulfillment based on his transformational thinking. A bestselling author of several books, including Missed Fortune, The Last Chance Millionaire and Millionaire by Thirty, Andrew recently released his most recent book, Entitlement Abolition. Live Abundant helps its clients succeed in living an abundant life through a unique eight-step process that ultimately creates life fulfillment, as well as generational wealth. For more information, please visit


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Financial strategist and multi-bestselling author Doug Andrew will be interviewed on C-Suite Best Seller TV to discuss his book Entitlement Abolition.


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