FedEx to send 173 Drivers to the National Truck Driving Championships

This is the 2nd consecutive year that FedEx drivers will represent each of the 50 states

MEMPHIS, Tenn.--()--FedEx Corp (NYSE: FDX) operating companies and service providers will send 173 drivers from each of the 50 states to compete in the 2017 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) in Orlando, FL August 8-12.

Each driver representing FedEx qualified to compete in the NTDC by winning at state-level truck driving championships. In order to compete at the state competitions and the National Truck Driving Championships, drivers must meet stringent safety standards and have an accident-free driving record for at least one year prior. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) sponsors the NTDC, which is designed to recognize industry leadership in safety and to promote professionalism among truck drivers.

FedEx is sending drivers from each of the 50 states to the NTDC,” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp. “This demonstrates that the FedEx commitment to safety and excellence permeates our entire organization, and we are proud to have these men and women represent FedEx.”

Here are some facts about the 2017 FedEx NTDC competitors:

  • FedEx had 2,000 drivers compete on its behalf at state events in 2017.
  • Collectively, FedEx representatives advancing to the NTDC have more than 3,800 years of professional driving experience among them.
  • In total, the 2017 team has safely driven more than 246 million miles.
  • More than 100 drivers have driven professionally for 20 years or more.
  • At least 100 drivers have accumulated 1 million or more miles of safe driving.
  • A total of 33 drivers have won 5 or more state championships.
  • More than 60 drivers are first-time truck driving champions including 9 who won state titles competing at their first state TDC.
  • 13 drivers have previously won national championships and 2 have previously been named Grand Champion.

At the NTDC, the FedEx representatives will be among nearly 450 competitors who will vie for national titles in 9 different classes of vehicles and for the National Grand Champion title. The drivers accumulate points by demonstrating their driving skills and knowledge of the industry through a written exam, pre-trip inspection and driving-skills challenge.

The 2017 FedEx NTDC team includes:

Name   State   Domicile Market   Class   Representing Opco

Ron Bernier

  AK   Anchorage   Step Van   Express

Becky Nelson

  AK   Anchorage   Straight Truck   Express

Robert Davis

  AL   Montgomery   Step Van   Freight

David Hawk

  AL   Birmingham   Straight Truck   Freight

Ross Garner

  AL   Decatur   Tank Truck   Freight

Charlie Salter

  AL   Montgomery   5-Axle   Freight

Dan Thompson

  AL   Mobile   3-Axle   Freight

Larry Rhein

  AR   Harrison   Twins   Freight

Robin Sams

  AR   Texarkana   Twins   Freight

David Coffel

  AZ   Mesa   4-Axle   Express

Martin Orozco

  AZ   Tucson   3-Axle   Freight

Sean Saxon

  AZ   Chandler   Step Van   Ground

Gary Cordova

  CA   Fresno   Straight Truck   Freight

David Costa

  CA   Anaheim   Step Van   Ground

Todd Flippin

  CO   Springfield   Twins   Freight

Mary Motter

  CO   Grand Junction   4-Axle   Freight

Chris Perna

  CO   Denver   Tank Truck   Freight

Tony Singh

  CO   Denver   Step Van   Ground

Michael Zabawa

  CO   Denver   Flatbed   Freight

Paul Brandon

  CT   New Haven   Flatbed   Freight

Dave Bryant

  CT   Hartford   4-Axle   Freight

Glen Cooke

  CT   Windsor Locks   Step Van   Express

Lou Lockard

  DE   Wilmington   Twins   Freight

Roy Miller

  DE   Wilmington   4-Axle   Freight

Wes Reynolds

  DE   New Castle   Step Van   Ground

Tommy Forrest

  FL   Orlando   5-Axle   Freight

Scott Hamilton

  FL   Jacksonville   Straight Truck   Freight

Eddie Pennington

  FL   Jacksonville   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Dan Stapleton

  FL   Ocala   Step Van   Ground

Joe Bertini

  GA   NE Atlanta   Straight Truck   Freight

David Chandler

  GA   Atlanta   Twins   Freight

Glenn Morris

  GA   Valdosta   Tank Truck   Freight

Steve Haskill

  HI   Kailua Kona   Straight Truck   Express

Chad Olson

  HI   Honolulu   Step Van   Express

Darwin Plett

  IA   Rock Island   Twins   Freight

Randy Schwasinger

  ID   Boise   Step Van   Freight

Alan Stacy

  ID   Boise   Straight Truck   Ground

Miguel Corral

  IL   Chicago Heights   Twins   Freight

Ritch Fundell

  IL   Peru   4-Axle   Freight

Jimmy Wilson

  IL   Effingham   5-Axle   Freight

Willie Baylor

  IN   Indianapolis   Twins   Freight

Brian Ford

  IN   Fremont   Straight Truck   Freight

Eric Fuqua

  IN   North Indianapolis   4-Axle   Ground

Bruce Schwering

  IN   Indianapolis   5-Axle   Freight

John Bouddhara

  KS   Wichita   Twins   Freight

Don Logan

  KS   Topeka   Flatbed   Freight

Jeff Thompson

  KS   Kansas City   3-Axle   Freight

Wayne Crowder

  KY   Louisville   Flatbed   Freight

Vince May

  KY   Huntington   3-Axle   Freight

David Proctor

  KY   Louisville   Twins   Freight

James Reynolds

  KY   Hebron   Step Van   Express

John Willinger

  KY   Louisville   5-Axle   Freight

Les Gamble

  LA   Shreveport   5-Axle   Freight

Dale Gibbs

  LA   Shreveport   Twins   Freight

Corey Mitchell

  LA   Shreveport   Straight Truck   Freight

Kyle Mitchell

  LA   Baton Rouge   Tank Truck   Freight

Joseph Vital

  LA   Lafayette   Flatbed   Freight

Roland Bolduc

  MA   Windsor   5-Axle Sleeper   Express

Kevin Burke

  MA   Bedford   Step Van   Express

Bill Colantuone

  MA   Raynham   4-Axle   Express

Ricky Coston

  MA   East Boston   Straight Truck   Express

Rich Gray

  MA   Hartford   Twins   Freight

Jason Toothman

  MD   Hagerstown   Straight Truck   Freight

Bob Pedersen

  ME   Bangor   Twins   Freight

Rich Roghelia

  ME   Portland   3-Axle   Freight

Scott Wickstrom

  ME   Bangor   Step Van   Express

Rick Bailey

  MI   Warren   Straight Truck   Freight

Dan Johnson

  MI   Detroit   Twins   Freight

Ron Metternick

  MI   Grand Rapids   4-Axle   Freight

Reggie Copeland

  MN   Minneapolis   3-Axle   Freight

Chris Rapsch

  MN   Roseville   Step Van   Express

Jerry Bedgood

  MO   Kansas City   Twins   Freight

Steve Campbell

  MO   Joplin   Step Van   Ground

Andy Hunt

  MO   Springfield   Tank Truck   Freight

Brent Sims

  MO   Columbia   4-Axle   Freight

Brandon Bailey

  MS   Gulfport   Step Van   Ground

Randy Byrd

  MS   Jackson   Twins   Freight

Rodney Davis

  MS   Tupelo   Straight Truck   Freight

John Kitchens

  MS   Tupelo   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Scott Osborne

  MS   Jackson   Tank Truck   Freight

Jerry Robinette

  MS   Pearl   5-Axle   Express

Chuck Fiske

  MT   Butte   Twins   Freight

Don Lamere

  MT   Great Falls   Straight Truck   Ground

Jason Martinie

  MT   Helena   Step Van   Express

Bryce Neilson

  MT   Butte   Flatbed   Freight

David Schelin

  MT   Butte   3-Axle   Freight

Mike Worl

  MT   Billings   Tank Truck   Ground

Michael Bills

  NC   Durham   Step Van   Express

Matt Hall

  NC   Greensboro   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Dave Rohman

  NC   Charlotte   3-Axle   Express

David Young

  NC   Charlotte   Straight Truck   Freight

Sharon Collett

  ND   Fargo   Step Van   Express

Rick Hartleib

  ND   Minot   Straight Truck   Freight

Chris Scholand

  ND   Fargo   3-Axle   Freight

Adam Stroup

  NE   Omaha   Step Van   Express

Brent Turek

  NE   Aurora   Twins   Freight

Peter Borges

  NH   Londonderry   5-Axle   Express

Michael McMahon

  NH   Belmont   Twins   Freight

Charles Putnam

  NH   Londonderry   Step Van   Express

Jim Erickson

  NJ   Cinnaminson   Flatbed   Freight

Artur Lesniowski

  NJ   Secaucus   5-Axle   Ground

Elvin Ortiz

  NJ   Moonachie   Step Van   Ground

Bart Pachucki

  NJ   South Newark   Straight Truck   Freight

Jim Senor

  NJ   Vineland   3-Axle   Freight

Joe White

  NJ   Newark   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Daniel Amador

  NM   Albuquerque   Step Van   Ground

Joe Bernal

  NM   Farmington   Tank Truck   Freight

Dan Bruch

  NM   Albuquerque   5-Axle   Freight

Parcell James

  NM   Albuquerque   4-Axle   Freight

Dion Saiz

  NM   Albuquerque   3-Axle   Freight

Chris Shaw

  NM   Albuquerque   Straight Truck   Express

Bob Fini

  NV   Las Vegas   Straight Truck   Express

Berto Carrillo

  NV   Las Vegas   4-Axle   Freight

Patrick Nerger

  NV   Reno   5-Axle   Express

Matt Hart

  NV   Elko   Twins   Freight

Sergio Romero

  NV   Las Vegas   Step Van   Ground

Gragg Wilson

  NV   Reno   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Jeff Evans

  NY   Syracuse   Step Van   Ground

John Jadrossich

  NY   Newburgh   3-Axle   Freight

Randy Merle

  NY   Rochester   4-Axle   Freight

Randy Swart

  NY   Syracuse   Flatbed   Express

Ray Waage

  NY   Newburgh   Tank Truck   Freight

Dave Watson

  NY   Newburgh   Twins   Freight

Andrew Tuck

  OH   Dayton   Straight Truck   Ground

Scott Woodrome

  OH   Dayton   Tank Truck   Freight

Russell Beachler

  OK   Oklahoma City   5-Axle   Freight

Richard Bright

  OK   Stillwater   Step Van   Express

Larry Kendall

  OK   Tulsa   3-Axle   Express

Kenneth Pyle

  OK   Tulsa   Twins   Freight

Tom Westlock

  OK   Tulsa   4-Axle   Freight

Paul Baker

  OR   Portland   3-Axle   Freight

Kailen Bronson

  OR   Portland   Step Van   Ground

Manny Cruz

  OR   Eugene   Flatbed   Freight

Nick Jones

  OR   Portland   5-Axle   Freight

Lalo Fernandez

  OR   Portland   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Jerry Lambert

  OR   Portland   Twins   Freight

Chris Outen

  OR   Portland   Tank Truck   Freight

Dan Shamrell

  OR   Portland   4-Axle   Freight

Bart Masciulli

  PA   Philadelphia   Step Van   Express

Steve Migneault

  RI   Providence   Twins   Freight

Karen Tierney

  RI   Warwick   3-Axle   Express

Keith Towne

  RI   Warwick   Step Van   Express

Steve Ward

  SC   Greer   4-Axle   Express

Troy Swenson

  SD   Watertown   Tank Truck   Freight

Mike Whitehead

  SD   Sioux Falls   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Adam Rude

  TN   East Nashville   Step Van   Ground

James Sheehan

  TN   East Nashville   Straight Truck   Ground

Jeff Stinson

  TN   Kingsport   Tank Truck   Freight

Olamide Olayiwola

  TX   Houston   3-Axle   Freight

Todd Trahan

  TX   Garland   Step Van   Express

Steve Clark

  UT   Salt Lake City   3-Axle   Ground

Dustin Wheeler

  UT   Hurricane   Step Van   Ground

Chuck Bird

  VA   Staunton   Twins   Freight

Chris Brown

  VA   Herndon   Step Van   Express

Mark Brundage

  VA   Dulles   4-Axle   Express

Jason Caron

  VT   Bellows Falls   4-Axle   Freight

Daryl Fowler

  VT   St. Johnsbury   Step Van   Express

Chris Goddard

  VT   Burlington   3-Axle   Express

Christopher Novak

  VT   Burlington   Flatbed   Express

Andre Raven

  VT   St. Johnsbury   Step Van   Express

Clint Anderson

  WA   Yakima   Step Van   Freight

Darrell Shelton

  WA   Pasco   4-Axle   Freight

Vic Skoglund

  WA   Everett   Tank Truck   Freight

Jim Duffy

  WI   Madison   4-Axle   Freight

Brent Glasenapp

  WI   Milwaukee   Straight Truck   Express

Bill Adkins

  WV   Huntington   5-Axle Sleeper   Freight

Greg Brooks

  WV   Huntington   Twins   Freight

Randy Thomas

  WV   Charleston   4-Axle   Freight

Franklin Vance

  WV   Charleston   Step Van   Ground

Derek Gorrell

  WY   Rock Springs   Straight Truck   Freight

Jacob Lowe

  WY   Rock Springs   Twins   Freight

Allan MacDonald

  WY   Cody   Step Van   Express

Steve Maertz

  WY   Casper   5-Axle   Freight

In 2016, 174 driving professionals from each of the 50 states representing FedEx Express, FedEx Freight and FedEx Ground qualified to compete at the NTDC. Four drivers representing FedEx captured National Champion titles in 4-Axle, 5-Axle, Flatbed and Step Van classes. Fifteen additional FedEx drivers placed among the top finishers in their respective truck classes. With 44 National Championships, 3 National Grand Champion and 6 Rookie of the Year titles in the past 14 years, Team FedEx has established a winning reputation at the NTDC.

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FedEx to Send 173 Drivers to the National Truck Driving Championships


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