TrackNet Showcases TrackCentral Core Network Server at CableLabs Summer Conference

The inside-out deployment model for LPWAN and TrackNet solutions allow cable operators to increase RPU and simultaneously deploy IoT network for B2B

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--TrackNet, Inc., a cutting-edge LoRaWAN Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider and developer of the all-in-one smart-home and monitoring solution “Tabs,” is now targeting its IoT solutions at cable multi-system operators. As demonstrated today at CableLabs Summer Conference and with cable operator-specific analysis by Kyrio, TrackCentral core network server is poised for IoT network deployment to help increase revenue per user (RPU).

TrackNet is experiencing significant traction with cable MSOs based on its Tabs consumer solution and TrackCentral core network server. The CableLabs Summer Conference, held Aug. 6-9 in Keystone, CO, is attended by executives from more than 50 of the largest world-wide cable operators.

TrackNet network architecture and key design elements of the TrackCentral Network Server were evaluated by Kyrio, a subsidiary of CableLabs. The demonstration measured the suitability of the following aspects for cable networks: scalability, multi-tenancy, deployment flexibility, and key architectural and performance metrics. Kyrio offers performance, compatibility, and certification testing services for networked devices, and plays an important role in enabling network deployments throughout the cable industry and beyond.

“We applaud TrackNet’s efforts to begin testing its system early; this is critically important for the proper adoption of new technologies into the cable ecosystem, and Kyrio was happy to help play a part,” said Wylie Nelson, vice president of wireless and testing services at Kyrio.

TrackNet Solutions for Cable Operators

The Tabs consumer solution by TrackNet allows cable operators to retain customers and increase RPU by offering their consumers location, security, and monitoring services. Each Tabs hub becomes part of a large-scale IoT low power wide area network (LPWAN) that, with minimal market penetration, can provide dense network coverage that benefits all the network users.

The Tabs solution will allow consumers to locate kids, elderly, pets, or valuable objects across an entire neighborhood or city. The solution combines location-based features with home security and home environment for indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity. The Tabs Hub combines Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN technology and offers consumers easy-to-use Wi-Fi parental control and Wi-Fi security features through the easy-to-use mobile app.

To deploy IoT, cable MSOs will need to launch a LPWAN. Essential to creating a large-scale IoT network is TrackNet’s LoRaWAN core network server, TrackCentral. It is designed for hybrid “inside-out” network deployments that leverage in-building and tower-mounted LoRa gateways for effective and cost-effective network coverage. The “inside-out” deployment model is a natural fit for many cable operators. With this type of deployment model, TrackCentral provides scalability with its ability to handle hundreds of millions of gateways and billions of devices compared to tens of thousands of gateways in a tower-based deployment model.

About TrackNet

TrackNet provides highly scalable LoRaWAN IoT solutions for consumers and industry, focusing on ease of use and multi-dimensional scalability to enable a new era of exponentially growing LPWAN deployments for a sustainable world. The company’s first commercial consumer product is the all-in-one smart-home monitoring system “Tabs,” which demonstrates TrackNet’s ability to develop end-to-end solutions including sensors, gateways, network server, and apps with optimized user experience. With the release of “TrackCentral,” TrackNet increases significantly its footprint into the infrastructure of large-scale LoRaWAN deployments based on the hybrid inside-out model. The company is a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance, and the TrackNet team has been instrumental in specifying, building, and establishing LoRaWAN and the LoRa Alliance for more than five years. TrackNet has offices in Switzerland and California, USA, and is looking to build a talented, passionate team to realize IoT and LPWAN applications. More information is at


TrackNet, Inc.
Hardy Schmidbauer, (650) 215 0982

Release Summary

TrackNet is targeting cable operators by going to CableLabs Summer Conf. with an operator-specific test of its TrackCentral core network server.



TrackNet, Inc.
Hardy Schmidbauer, (650) 215 0982