UX Forms: New Software Makes It Simple to Design, Publish and Monitor Webforms

LONDON--()--UX Forms is a new software package designed for organisations that need the ability to easily build, publish and maintain web forms. It enables teams to create any kind of webform, and make changes without downtime.

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has recently employed UX Forms to replace its entire suite of online trade mark forms – providing it with a fast, responsive and secure solution that allows forms to be changed as and when required.

Created by developer Martin Gladdish, in collaboration with the award-winning IT consultancy Equal Experts, the idea for UX Forms came after witnessing the problems that webforms were causing on a previous project. Martin says:

“I saw the client struggling with the volume and pace of online forms that they needed to deliver. The twin pressures of rapid digitisation and a first-rate user experience meant that bespoke application development was taking too long and existing form builders could not be configured specifically enough. What they needed was something to take away the need for full bespoke application development, yet still retain complete control over the user experience.”

The resulting software provides everything required to serve customers with a superior webform. With UX Forms, forms are:

  • Customisable: an easy-to-read language lets users define every element of a webform, with full control over every element – layout, CSS, HTML and more.
  • Dynamic: tailor dynamic forms that respond to user input however you wish.
  • Integrated: forms can be integrated with any backend systems and provide users with a high quality user experience.
  • Informative: built-in analytics reveal an array of statistics on how users are responding to your form(s), making it straightforward to spot and fix any issues.

For a more complete overview of features, please visit UXforms.com/features.

UX Forms is now available to the public sector via the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, or to private sector clients directly.

About UX Forms:

UX Forms is a simple, deceptively powerful software package. It provides organisations with powerful tools to create webforms of all types. UX Forms is currently in use at the Intellectual Property Office – where the software has been used to replace a suite of ageing forms with responsive, easily maintained forms, complemented with full user analytics.

About Equal Experts:

Equal Experts makes simple solutions to big business problems. We provide tailored, end-to-end services in software development and delivery – from user research and design, to technical architecture, development and QA, all the way to devops, continuous delivery, hosting and support.

With offices in the UK, US, Portugal, India and Canada, our network of over 700 experienced software consultants – a blend of permanent employees and associates – creates software for a wide range of public and private sector clients. These include organisations as diverse as HMRC, the Home Office, O2, Camelot and major institutions in the publishing, financial and retail sectors. Continuing growth saw our total sales reaching £71 million in 2016/17.

Everyone at Equal Experts is committed to using technology and modern agile practices to deliver measurable business value. Our people typically have at least 10 years’ experience in delivering valuable, working software, and this focus on experience sets us apart – it’s what allows us to develop high-quality software faster, and for lower cost.


UX Forms
Martin Gladdish

Release Summary

UX Forms is a new software package designed for organisations that need the ability to easily build, publish and maintain web forms.


UX Forms
Martin Gladdish