World’s First DNA and Microbiome Platform Enters the UK Market

Atlas Biomed Launches Personalised Health Testing for Consumers in the UK

LONDON--()--Today, Atlas Biomed, the UK-based personalised health technology company, has announced plans to shake up the £800m[1] UK genomics marketplace and educate consumers on the big data approach to their healthcare.

Atlas is launching consumer-oriented DNA and gut microbiome tests with integrated analysis on the company’s health platform. This will allow users to understand their health risks and show them how to improve their well-being with tailored recommendations for food, exercise and lifestyle. It is the only company worldwide to offer both tests directly to consumers.

Results from these tests and other sources will feed into an insight-driven consumer health platform. Select partners – ranging from private healthcare providers through to nutritionists and fitness centres will be able to use this data and provide personalised preventative guidance to users.

"The Atlas genome and microbiome analyses deliver pioneering insight into health, well-being and disease risk that cannot be discovered in any other way. This unique picture of individual risk is bringing integrated personalised medicine to the consumer for the first time,” says Professor. Jim Wilson, Edinburgh University and member of the Atlas Scientific Board of Advisors.

Drawing upon professional experience and that of his team of geneticists, bioinformaticians, medical professionals and IT experts, Atlas has created a product that CEO, Sergey Musienko, defines as “unique.”Too great a focus is put on reactive care,” said Musienko. “Moving forward, there has to be a focus on preventive care, and giving people control over their health before conditions develop.”

When asked about his perspective on the future of DNA sequencing, Musienko said, “The market is forecast to grow rapidly over the coming years due to the falling cost of DNA sequencing technology and growing interests of consumers and pharmaceutical companies.

Tests will be available for consumers to purchase from for just £149.00 for the Atlas DNA Test, £125.00 for the Atlas Microbiome Test or £260 for the two-test bundle.

For more information on Atlas Biomed, images or to speak to Sergey Musienko, or any members of the scientific advisory board please contact Ravi Pau at Access London on 0208 618 1886 or

About Atlas Biomed

Atlas Biomed combines DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into positive lifestyle changes and lead them to a healthier future. Atlas will release two tests into the UK this year; the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test. Both tests feed into the Atlas Health platform, which allows consumers to take control of their health through actionable, precise and personalised lifestyle recommendations. Alongside this, the team at Atlas Biomed is working together with the University of Edinburgh on the ‘Methods for Multiomics data analysis using GWAS, eQTL and pQTL as a framework for molecular pathway profiling’ project on the biomarker development and potential.

About the tests

The Atlas DNA Test will assess consumer’s genetic profiles, risk of hereditary and complex conditions and the ability to metabolise nutrients and vitamins. It also calculates natural strength and endurance, risk of sports-related injuries and recommended length of training sessions and rest periods.

The Atlas Microbiome Test will analyse the gut bacteria within the consumer’s digestive systems. This provides personal nutrition recommendations to change and improve the healthy bacteria within the gut and drive general well-being.

About Sergey Musienko

Sergey Musienko is the CEO of Atlas Biomed, the UK-based personalised health company and technology expert with over a decade’s worth of experience, specifically in the health sector.

Sergey joined the Silicon Valley think tank, Singularity University, in 2011. It was here that Sergey realised that the future was, in his words, “integrative personal omics profiles, which gather information about the body at a molecular level”. This insight led to him to found Atlas Biomed. Here, he has put together a very successful team that has developed two major products: the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test. These tests analyse how genes and gut bacteria influence various health parameters like disease risks, nutrition, personal traits and physical activity, allowing people to take control of their health with precise and personalised lifestyle recommendations.

Sergey is a pragmatic leader who believes in talent and teamwork. The success of Atlas, he believes, is based on the company’s ability to attract some of the brightest minds in different fields of bioinformatics and medicine, and work towards a long-term vision of healthier future.

[1] 2015 Genomics in UK, Office for Life Sciences:


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Atlas Biomed launches the world's first DNA and Microbiome platform


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