KidsTLC and Netsmart Team Up to Support Child and Family Services Through Integrated Technology

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--()--Netsmart, the largest healthcare IT provider solely focused on integrating behavioral health and post-acute care with the rest of healthcare, and KidsTLC, a Kansas City-based family service provider, announced a new partnership today to automate clinical, administrative and financial processes.

KidsTLC will deploy the Netsmart electronic health record (EHR) to automate clinical documentation and CareRecords, case management, referrals and treatment plans, and financial payments within its service array, as well as securely share relevant health information with community health providers.

“We have been dedicated to providing innovative treatments and trauma-informed care to children in the Kansas City area for 45 years,” said KidsTLC CEO Gordon Docking. “Our collaboration with Netsmart to automate many of our processes will not only enable our staff to be more efficient, but will allow us to meet the unique needs of our clients and help them heal by having access to complete information about the whole person.”

The Netsmart EHR was developed with the unique needs of human services and behavioral health providers in mind, including child and family services, intellectual and developmental disabilities and addiction treatment. As the majority of services are rendered in the field, mobility is a key component of the technology KidsTLC will implement.

“Effectively caring for individuals in the child and family services area requires the staff have full access to all relevant health and social information, no matter where they are,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “Our integrated approach has helped our more than 500,000 users focus on providing the best care possible by greatly reducing administrative task time and increasing the information set for a more complete picture of the individual.”

The mission of KidsTLC is to “transform lives in our community.” KidsTLC provides a wide array of services to meet the needs of children and families through innovative and effective programs in the areas of psychiatric residential treatment, homeless outreach to teens, outpatient behavioral health, intensive outpatient programs, autism services and parent support programs. Netsmart’s mission is to ensure EveryDayMatters through education and access to mental health resources. Together the two companies are committed to providing quality, connected care to their communities.

About KidsTLC

KidsTLC provides children with a continuum of care through innovative and successful residential psychiatric treatment, outreach to homeless teens, outpatient behavioral health, autism and parent support programs. Services are focused on evidence-based therapies and trauma-informed care, with a strong emphasis on family wellness and preserving the family unit. KidsTLC continues to respond to the growing needs of children in the Kansas City Metro area and beyond by adding critically needed services that fill community gaps and alleviate wait times for families to receive care. Programs help children heal on all levels through innovative therapeutic treatment philosophies; chaplaincy services; expressive therapies such as art, play and music therapy; and through a wealth of opportunities to improve the physical health of clients including the movement towards integrating our mental health services with local health clinics that provide physical health services, increased nutrition/wellness education and opportunities for physical exercise. Learn more at, call 913-764-2887, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Netsmart

Netsmart is an innovative healthcare technology provider that provides electronic health records (EHRs), health information exchange, data analytics, mobile clinical and consumer engagement solutions for behavioral health, social services and post-acute communities. Our common platform, the CareFabric®, integrates seamlessly with the industry’s first-of-its-kind population management platform that uniquely focuses on community-based providers and supports transitions of care, bundles and value-based payment models.

We are passionate about integrating care across all aspects of a community, which is why the Netsmart ecosystem provides more than an EHR by offering the largest national HIE in the post-acute community to connect post-acute, social services and behavioral health organizations with their health systems and community provider partners.

Our more than 560,000 users in more than 25,000 organizations across the U.S. work together with our more than 1,350 Netsmart associates to connect communities and information across the care spectrum. Our technology ensures comprehensive data flows between behavioral health; addiction treatment; intellectual and developmental disabilities; child and family services; public health; long-term/post-acute care; home health; hospice; palliative care; private duty and vital records, to ensure providers have consistent and reliable information at their fingertips when it is needed.

The only thing constant in healthcare is change. Netsmart brings significant expertise working with behavioral health, social services and post-acute care communities, as well as the complex state and federal billing requirements unique to these communities. More importantly, we understand the importance of clinical adoption; training and support; regulatory compliance; and the need to connect to the rest of healthcare.

Our solutions and services are built with these challenges in mind and are designed to solve them so our clients can focus on what they do best: provide quality care to their communities. Our clients are strong advocates for those who don’t always have a voice, which is why Netsmart is dedicated to leading change within the industry by breaking down barriers to provide a person-centric and holistic view of each individual.

Learn more about how Netsmart is changing the face of healthcare today. Visit, call 1-800-472-5509, follow us on our CareThreads Blog, LinkedIn and Twitter, like us on Facebook or visit us on YouTube.

Netsmart is pleased to support the EveryDayMatters® Foundation, which was established for behavioral health, social services and post-acute organizations to learn from each other and share their causes and stories.


Kelli Christman, 913-272-2264


Kelli Christman, 913-272-2264