Securus Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) Data Continues to Shed Light on the Only Effective Technology to Prevent Contraband Cell Phone Crimes

Newest installations bring total communications detected and prevented to nearly 1.7 million and counting since July 2016

170 million contraband wireless calls still completed annually in facilities without Securus Technologies WCS

Inmate cell phones pose a huge threat to society and only Securus effectively renders them useless

DALLAS--()--Securus Technologies, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, released shocking data today that demonstrates the effectiveness of its solution and the severity of the contraband cell phone challenges faced by U.S. correctional facilities.

Data collected from Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) technology reveals that eight correctional facilities around the country were able to track and stop a combined 1,693,530 illegal communications attempts (and counting). Most startling, one facility prevented 107,827 phone call attempts from contraband cell phones within the first two months following the Securus WCS activation.

Our competitors claim they have ‘blended solutions’ for the problem, but trained dogs, shakedowns and searches and hand held or walk by metal detectors are only partially effective,” said Richard A. “Rick” Smith, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. “Here are the problems with these proposed solutions:

  1. There is no material evidence that shows solutions are working or evidence when they are not working
  2. These blended/partial solutions take incredible amounts of resources to orchestrate and manage
  3. These partial solutions require direct and indirect costs that ultimately cannot scale
  4. Even when blended approaches are attempted, they almost always include human intervention
  5. Human intervention usually tips off the users who simply power off devices, avoiding detection, or they simply ‘hunker down’ and then resume activity
  6. Detection solutions do nothing to prevent illegal communication activity
  7. Detection solutions can often be circumvented, and put correctional officers in harm’s way when trying to confiscate illegal phones
  8. The required hardware cost combined with the costs of human resources demanded by manual and blended solutions far outpaces technological solutions, whose costs decrease over time.

It is clear competitors try to downplay Wireless Containment Solutions because they cannot compete with the technology Securus has successfully implemented. They will attempt many lobby efforts into solutions that aren’t real, aren’t proven, and ultimately leave the public vulnerable,” said Smith.

To date:

  • Securus has invested $40 million into contraband solutions that work – no one else has.
  • Securus has successfully deployed 3 system varieties, all with quantitative effectiveness – no one else has.
  • Securus has committed the resources to work effectively with carriers – no one else has.
  • Securus continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution with facts and data – no one else has.
  • Securus has deployed the only contraband control system for Correctional administrators – no one else has.
  • Securus has the only solution that provides actionable intelligence about each contraband cell phone device – no one else has.
  • Government agencies have praised our commitment to managing all frequency bands to prevent illegal communication activity – even competitors admit their attempts have not worked.

It’s true, there is no ‘set it and forget it’ service to deal with illegal contraband communications. Only Securus has put the necessary investment in solutions that prevents contraband communications. Securus is now embarking on new developments that will enhance WCS aligning it further with FCC, Corrections leaders and the carriers. Just recently, the FCC already streamlined the process for Securus, as a Contraband Interdiction System provider, to enable faster implementations. In addition, new potential cooperation with the mobile carriers will allow our system to provide substantial evidence that a device is on the prison premises and validates attempted mobile network access which will expedite service termination requests so that devices are forever discontinued from commercial service.

Much of the public doesn’t realize the threat that contraband cell phones pose to other inmates, officers and society in general. Every day we hear stories about dangerous inmate activities conducted from inside correctional agencies. This includes intimidating criminal witnesses, officers and court personnel, bribery, ordering hits, sex trafficking, extortion, running drug and weapon cartels, and even orchestrated inmate escapes as recently reported news within the South Carolina Department of Corrections,” said Smith.

When inmates circumvent existing security controls by using contraband cell phones, it’s like leaving checkpoints unattended at airports,” said Smith. “The sheer volume of calls and texts prevented by our Wireless Containment Solution demonstrates its effectiveness, and raises the alarm for all other facilities that don’t have our system deployed. When someone is incarcerated, the public expects to be safe from any continued nefarious actions and certainly believes inmates are detached from criminal and gang activities from inside our nation’s prisons. They are not, they continue operating with these illegal wireless devices from the inside. Contraband cell phones help them simply continue to break the law, and that puts everyone at risk.”

Securus invites all parties interested in preventing illegal contraband solutions to come to the Technology Center in Dallas and discuss any obstacles they have heard and learn how Securus’ solution overcomes and reduces this public safety threat with Wireless Containment Solutions.


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Securus Technologies, Inc.
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