Visual IQ Platform Integrates Lotame Audience Data to Deliver People-Based Marketing Insights

Partnership Enables Clients to Understand Marketing Performance in Combination with Audience Attributes

NEEDHAM, Mass.--()--Visual IQ, the leading provider of marketing intelligence software, today announced a strategic partnership with Lotame, the world’s leading independent data management platform (DMP) and data exchange. Through this partnership, Visual IQ clients will receive an unparalleled view of marketing and advertising performance through the lens of audience data. Now, clients can uncover which specific tactics and messages drive the best results for each audience segment across every channel – even channels like paid search, which have historically been difficult to measure from an audience perspective.

As consumers increasingly live their lives online and through their mobile devices, the opportunity to use data to provide tailored messages and experiences across channels and devices has never been greater. However, most brands today analyze the attributes of their customers and prospects separately from marketing performance, with little to no intersection. As a result, marketers are unable to gain a single, unified view of each consumer and the channels, devices, and tactics that are most effective in driving engagement, leads, sales, and other desired business outcomes.

Visual IQ's partnership with Lotame bridges demographic, intent, interest, and B2B audience attributes with multi-touch attribution measurement to provide brands with a holistic and accurate view of marketing and advertising performance by audience segment. Specifically, Visual IQ will integrate Lotame’s robust audience attributes into its marketing intelligence platform, making audience data a core feature of the platform for all clients. In addition to the audience data that’s now native to the platform, clients can also integrate their own first-party audience segments, such as high value customers, loyalty shoppers, and more, from Visual IQ’s other DMP partners. By providing visibility into which tactics and messages influence a specific audience, when and to what extent, marketers can not only orchestrate the optimal customer experience across all marketing channels and devices, but also better optimize media spend to drive the business metrics they care about most.

“The average consumer is exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages every day. To break through the clutter, marketers must constantly work to deliver messages that are meaningful and relevant, regardless of channel or device. This can only happen when audience and measurement intersect within a single platform,” said Manu Mathew, co-founder and CEO, Visual IQ. “We are thrilled to incorporate Lotame’s robust audience data into our platform and arm our clients with the intelligence they need to reach specific audiences with the right message at the right place and time.”

The integration is currently underway, with several clients already seeing the value from the partnership. “With consumers now holding all the power, brands are looking for ways to break out of their channel and operational silos and execute through the lens of the consumer,” said Michael McGovern, senior product manager, Visual IQ. “By incorporating audience data into our platform, clients are now able to make audiences the common denominator across all of their marketing and advertising efforts, and in turn, deliver messages and experiences that connect with consumers on a personal and emotional level. The initial feedback from Visual IQ clients has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re excited to now make audience-based performance analysis available to all of our clients.”

"For more than a decade, we have been helping marketers harness the power of audience data to fuel relevant and personalized experiences,” said Ryan Rolf, Vice President of Data Solutions at Lotame. “By partnering with Visual IQ, the marriage of our two solutions will enable marketers to better understand their customers and prospects, the combination of channels and tactics that best influence them, and ultimately make smarter decisions that impact the bottom line.”

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About Visual IQ

Visual IQ is the world’s leading marketing intelligence software provider. Its IQ Intelligence Suite combines audience data with attributed measurement in a single platform, providing marketing and advertising performance insights based on audience segment and the inter- and intra-channel optimization recommendations needed to drive business goals and maximize return. By offering media mix modeling, TV attribution and multi-touch attribution in a consolidated platform, Visual IQ is the only provider that delivers the comprehensive, audience-driven intelligence that brands and agencies need to optimize performance across their entire marketing and advertising mix.

Visual IQ was named a leader in cross channel attribution by a leading market research firm four times in a row, won The Drum’s Digital Trading Award for Best Attribution Solution in 2015 and 2016, won the 2014 ASPY Award for Best Data or Analytics Solution, and was a finalist in the Digital Analytics Association Excellence Awards in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The company is a member of the IAB in the US, UK, France and Italy, is a member of the Canadian Marketing Association, and sits on the IAB’s Advertising Technology, Data, Public Policy and CFO councils and the Digital Analytics Association’s Standards Committee.

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About Lotame

Lotame enables companies to use data to build stronger connections with their consumers. Lotame is proud to be the leading independent data management platform (DMP) and offer the most widely used, trusted and comprehensive data exchange in the industry. Committed to innovation, agility and -- above all, customer success -- the Lotame team aims to continuously find new and meaningful ways to help its clients harness the power of data to fuel more relevant and personalized experiences across screens and devices, online and off. Lotame is headquartered in New York City, with resources around the world, including Maryland, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Mumbai and Sydney.


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Release Summary

Visual IQ today announced a strategic partnership with Lotame, the world’s leading independent data management platform (DMP) and data exchange.


Version 2.0 Communications for Visual IQ
Libby Botsford, 617-426-2222