Fu-Do Inc. Opens the Tsuruoka Food Culture Market FOODEVER

Experience the culinary culture inherited in Tsuruoka, Yamagata - Japan's only city certified by UNESCO as a Creative City for its Gastronomic Culture

In front of the "Tsuruoka Bar," that is consisted of a restaurant that serves local delicacies, a sushi restaurant that serves sushi with freshly caught fish, a Spanish-style bar, and a wine/Japanese Sake bar. Chef Masayuki Okuda (Left) from "Farinamore," a pasta and dolce restaurant and Head Chef Mr. Masatomi Toki (Right) from "Ayatsuru," a restaurant that serves local Tsuruoka cuisines. (Photo: Business Wire)

TSURUOKA, Japan--()--Urban planning firm Fu-Do Inc. (CEO Mr. Noriyuki Maruyama) and Tsuruoka City Mayor Mr. Masaki Enomoto have joined forces to establish the Tsuruoka Food Culture Market FOODEVER, which opened on July 1st 2017 in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.

Yamagata Prefecture lies in the Tohoku region of Japan.
Tsuruoka is a city located in Yamagata known for its historic, culinary culture that has been passed down for decades, which derive from its unique landscape, surrounded by the sea, mountains and valleys.
There are over 50 native plants*1 specifically only found in the Tsuruoka region that has been carried on in the region from 300 years ago.
Tsuruoka’s efforts in taking great care and preserving its valuable native plants resulted in Tsuruoka being one of very few regions in the world carrying a diverse range of native plants.
Tsuruoka’s special, diverse traditional foods and food rituals have resulted in Tsuruoka to be the only city in Japan certified by the UNESCO as a Creative City for its Gastronomic Culture*2 in 2014.
The FOODEVER was established as a complex facility to learn, experience and taste the rich culinary culture of Tsuruoka that represents a rich cultural heritage of Japan.

About the Tsuruoka Food Culture Market FOODEVER

You can enjoy Tsuruoka cuisine made with local delicacies by Gourmand International Book Award winning chef Mr. Masayuki Okuda and Japanese Culinary Specialist Head Chef Mr. Masatomi Toki.
Arrange your very own special meal at the food court comprised with shops serving traditional Tsuruoka dishes, wine and Japanese sake bars.
The local foods, seasonings, fresh fish, local vegetables and crafts used in the restaurants can all be purchased at the market.

You can also enjoy many Tsuruoka gastronomic culture events that have its roots in spiritual mountain worship and also retrieve valuable information on the Dewa Sanzan Mountains, the sacred mountains that received three stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan at FOODEVER.
In order to respond to tourist needs, English guidance is available at all times.

FOODEVER is also putting efforts in developing new chefs and re-using left over food supplies from the market in order to tackle the problem of food loss.
FOODEVER will be putting its strongest efforts to solve social problems, which derive in the culinary world and will proactively dispatch new ideas and opinions about the culinary world with a wide perspective.

*1 Native Plants
Vegetables, fruits, and grains that have been grown in a specific region for many decades.

*2 UNESCO Creative Cities

Fu-Do Inc. is a company who operates and specifies in urban planning consulting, restaurant operation, food planning, development, manufacturing and sales.


Contact (Japanese Only)
Fu-Do Inc.
Asae Sagae, +81-80-9666-6496


Contact (Japanese Only)
Fu-Do Inc.
Asae Sagae, +81-80-9666-6496