AGOOP of the SoftBank Group to Offer 'Crowd Map' App for Smartphones Starting June 29

Users can check congestion points at various locations around the world

TOKYO--()--AGOOP Corp. (“AGOOP”), a member of the SoftBank Group that provides location-based big data, announced it will offer its ‘Crowd Map’ app for smartphones starting June 29, 2017. The app enables users to easily check points of congestion at various locations around the world.

Crowd Map will initially be available to Android™ smartphone users free-of-charge. The app displays congestion points current up to the past 20 minutes in the form of a heat map over locations, making it easy to visualize where large numbers of people are gathering. Crowd Map can also display congestion information over the past 6 days and provide congestion predictions for the following day until 6am. Using this information, users can avoid crowded areas and find new, popular spots. AGOOP also plans to offer an iPhone version of Crowd Map in mid-July or thereafter.

Kazuhisa Shibayama, President & CEO of AGOOP, commented, “AGOOP has developed by analyzing location-based data with proprietary technology to enable floating population data visualization. Crowd Map is an app that utilizes this floating population data to enable easy viewing of congestion, which will assist the daily lives and travel of users. AGOOP will continue to put floating population data to use to make our lives more fulfilling.”

Crowd Map overview

1. Main features

  • Crowd status displayed as a heat map over locations up to the past 20 minutes
  • Crowd status over the past 6 days are displayed as animations and graphs
  • Congestion predictions up to 6am of the next day based on past congestion data
  • Easy to post crowd status on Twitter

2. Compatible devices

Smartphones using Android 4.03 or above

3. Usage charge


4. Launch date

June 29, 2017

5. How to use

Download from Google Play at:

About AGOOP Corp.

AGOOP, a member of the SoftBank Group, is a provider of location-based big data. Established in April 2009 and headquartered in Tokyo, AGOOP is led by President & CEO Kazuhisa Shibayama. AGOOP has been an industry forerunner in fusing location-based information with big data to directly assist businesses. Using smartphone apps, AGOOP gathers location-based data from around the world, and by analyzing that data with its proprietary technology, generates and provides “Floating Population Data” to enable the visualization of people’s movements. AGOOP also markets POI data (point of interest data on country-wide stores and facilities including latitude and longitude) and acts as a sales agent for mapping services. AGOOP offers a number of location-based apps for smartphones, including ‘Job Cheese’, an app available from June 15, 2017 that enables map-based job searches. To learn more, please visit

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Media contact
AGOOP Communications (within SoftBank Corp. Corporate Communications)
Yuki Akazawa, +81-3-6889-2301


Media contact
AGOOP Communications (within SoftBank Corp. Corporate Communications)
Yuki Akazawa, +81-3-6889-2301