Bitnine’s AgensGraph Re-Visualizes the DBMS Industry at Graph Day SF 2017

Bitnine Sr. Research Engineer Presenting AgensGraph (Photo: Business Wire)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Bitnine re-visualizes the DBMS Industry at Graph Day SF 2017 with AgensGraph.

AgensGraph is disrupting the $ Billion Dollar Big Data Industry like no other predecessor has done before. Senior Research Engineer with Bitnine, presented the key differentiator of AgensGraph – a superfast SINGLE query for both SQL & Graph. The query speed was quantified and proved in the LDBC benchmark test.

Graph day was held at the University of San Francisco Mission Bay Conference Center on June 17, 2017. This event was hosted by Global Data Geeks. Exhibitors included companies such as neo4j, Datastax, Dgraph, Arango DB, AllegroGraph, Tom Sawyer, Cambridge Intelligence, Cray Graph, OrientDB, GraphSQL, expero, and Bitnine (AgensGraph) to name just a few. Many speakers presented at the event during the breakout sessions. Some of the thought leaders included Dr. Juan Sequeda from Capsenta, Christian Miles from Keylines, Gargi Adhav from Drawbridge, Anshu Jain from IBM, and Junseok (Andrew) Yang from Bitnine (AgensGraph) to name just a few.

Sr. Research Engineer with Bitnine presented on the topic of developing AgensGraph from the perspective of the developer himself. His presentation included discussion points on AgensGraph’s key differentiator (SQL & Graph Integration), performance using the LDBC Benchmark Standards, and use cases. The slide shown during the presentation shows the query performance between AgensGraph and Neo4j. On average, AgensGraph is approximately 50 times faster, based on this sample query. Please refer to references. For further information, please contact us at

The Future

In summary, this event provided an important opportunity for users to experience the power of AgensGraph. The AgensGraph Team would like to thank Global Data Geeks for providing the platform to connect with our intended audience. AgensGraph Team would also like to thank all the attendees and the exhibitors for participating in this event. To learn more, visit or


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Bitnine Global, Inc.
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Bitnine Global, Inc.
Joshua Y. Bae, 408-748-4333