Asteroid Day Initiates First-Ever Multimedia Global Conversation about Asteroids

WASHINGTON--()--On June 30, Asteroid Day, the UN-sanctioned day of education to raise awareness about asteroids, is inviting the public to join in a global conversation to protect humanity from asteroid impacts and facilitate future exploration. This conversation began the week of June 26 and runs through June 30, Asteroid Day worldwide.

Almost 1,000 events are being planned for Asteroid Day to meet the UN goal of global education, doubling the number from one year ago and four times as many as the inaugural Asteroid Day in 2015. Major television networks, including Discovery Channel, have produced specials about asteroids, including Discovery’s new virtual reality presentation which can be viewed on smartphones and other mobile devices.


Program Schedule, here.

Asteroid Day is producing the first 24-hour live broadcast about space and the role of asteroids in our solar system. Asteroid Day LIVE (#AsteroidDayLive) will be hosted by British physicist, author and BBC commentator Brian Cox with guests, including Astronauts Rusty Schweickart, Dr. Ed Lu, Nicole Stott, Jean-François Clervoy, and Dorin Prunariu, Astrophysicists and Planetary Scientists Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Julia De Leon, Mark Boslough, Patrick Michel, Owner and CEO of OHB SE Marco Fuchs, and Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg Etienne Schneider. Scott Manley will be moderating our chat between 8-10AM PDT on June 30 via Twitch.

Asteroid Day LIVE will be distributed globally on June 30, via a SES satellite network and available on various local channels subscribing to the SES satellite network, and the Asteroid Day website. OHB SE is the premier sponsor of Asteroid Day LIVE. Media can download the feed from satellite or request streaming access from

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  • Twitter: @asteroidday #AsteroidDay, #AsteroidDayLive
  • Facebook: #AsteroidDay, #AsteroidDayLive
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  • Twitch: Scott Manley will be moderating the discussion between 8-10AM PDT on June 30 via Twitch.
  • Reporters: Submit questions during the broadcast using the Hashtag: #AsteroidDayLive and we will try to answer them on air.

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“Asteroids are celestial objects which fascinate everyone from young people to experienced researchers,” commented Marco Fuchs, Owner and CEO of OHB. “Protecting Earth from a significant asteroid impact through dedicated satellites, along with the future commercial exploitation of asteroids via mining, constitute global endeavors for upcoming generations. OHB takes pride in preparing for these opportunities with our own technical developments and investments.”


Asteroid Day
Diane Murphy, +1-310-658-8756

Release Summary

June 30 is Asteroid Day, UN-sanctioned education day. Join with astronauts and space experts in the first 24-hr global conversation about Asteroids!


Asteroid Day
Diane Murphy, +1-310-658-8756