Mercialys Wins Two CNCC Awards at the 2017 SIEC Retail and Real Estate Trade Show

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Mercialys: (Paris:MERY)

At the 2017 SIEC gala evening, La Galerie Cap Costières - Nîmes won the CNCC* “Community Living” award, while La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet – Toulouse received the award for best renovation-extension in 2016.

The “Community Living” award recognizes the environmental, societal and social approach rolled out with La Galerie Cap Costières, a flagship center for the implementation of MERY’21, Mercialys' CSR strategy.

MERY’21 is built around dialogue with stakeholders (providers, retailers, local organizations, employees, etc.) and the effective identification of sustainable development stakes. Its ambition is to enable Mercialys to become an important player within the region's social-ecological transition, while taking specific local features into consideration. It was adopted in 2015 and sets various targets looking ahead to 2020 in 15 key areas. Operationally, the strategy’s deployment is driven by a dedicated organization and management tool. This tool makes it possible to facilitate the data collection process and monitor performance levels across Mercialys' various centers in line with the strategy adopted.

In 2015, La Galerie Cap Costières achieved BREEAM IN USE*** certification with an “Outstanding” rating - the highest possible level - for operational aspects. It has launched an ambitious program, focused in particular on the challenges to reduce energy consumption, the carbon footprint and water consumption, improve waste management, protect biodiversity, safeguard visitor health and safety, ensure responsible procurement and support local economic development.

The panel selected La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet for the CNCC* award for best renovation-extension in 2016 and highlighted the quality of this project.

Mercialys' flagship center with 110 stores and 10 restaurants, La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet showcases Mercialys' expertise and ability to continuously innovate. It represents a unique project thanks to its strong merchandising mix, its outstanding monumental architecture, and its wide selection of events and activities through partnerships set up with leading local cultural organizations in particular.

This recognition highlights the work accomplished by all the teams at Mercialys and confirms the quality and originality of the company's actions in terms of commercial renovation. La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet has proven very popular with customers since the extension opened in November 2016 and it has now been recognized by the industry.

* CNCC: Conseil National des Centres Commerciaux (French national council of shopping centers)

** SIEC: Salon du Retail et de l’Immobilier Commercial (Retail and commercial property trade show)

*** BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method): the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings.

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Press contact:
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