Coloradans Can Save the Planet by Drinking Beer

‘Water Positive’ Cerveza Imperial Launches New Brew in Colorado with Partnership to Help Restore and Sustain State Waterways

DENVER--()--How can drinking beer help the environment? Costa Rican-based Cerveza Imperial, the world’s first and only water positive beer, has chosen Denver, Boulder and across the state of Colorado for the first U.S. launch of Imperial Silver. To spread its water positive concept of “giving more than it takes,” Imperial will partner with the Colorado Water Trust (CWT) to help fund and support efforts to restore and sustain Colorado waterways. The brewery will also launch a series of communications and events to engage people interested in learning more about what can be done locally to preserve and protect waterways.

“We have committed to a revolutionary concept of being the world’s first and only ‘water positive’ beer, a unique approach that allows us to return more fresh water to the environment than we use,” said Gisela Sanchez, Cerveza Imperial’s corporate affairs director. “Imperial analyzed its entire water footprint in sourcing, brewing and transporting our beer to understand our total water impact. We looked for ways to not only reach water neutrality by reducing and compensating the water we use but to actually improve upon the availability of fresh water in Costa Rica.”

As a result, Coloradans are helping to save the environment by drinking Imperial products, Sanchez said. So it’s not surprising that Denver’s environmentally conscious beer lovers drink more Imperial than any other city in the nation.

In order to give back to Colorado, Cerveza Imperial is investing in state waterway restoration efforts as part of its water positive approach. The company’s partnership with the Colorado Water Trust and other local environmental groups will provide assistance on multiple local waterway efforts, including:

· Investing in the CWT’s Yampa River Project by funding 50 percent of the project’s efforts with the City of Steamboat Springs to ensure adequate water flow in the river to maintain the health of the waterway, its fishery and use for hydropower.

· Participating as a Gold Sponsor and product contributor to the CWT’s 9th Annual RiverBank Fundraiser on June 14, 2017.

· Hosting volunteer-led river cleanup projects around major waterways in and around the city of Denver.

To accomplish its water positive mission, Cerveza Imperial has adopted the following four-step process of measure, reduce, compensate and create positive value in achieving a positive water footprint:

1. Measure. Analyze and measure the entire production water footprint including all suppliers and water used in the distribution process.

2. Reduce. Once a benchmark is established, the operations team develops processes that reduce water usage in the brewing, fermenting and packaging process, achieving an average 44 percent reduction in water usage over the last nine years while increasing production 70 percent.

3. Compensate. The third step is “offsetting” water being used in the production process and supply chain by “returning” water to the eco-system for water use. Cerveza Imperial protects more than 600 hectares of the Costa Rican tropical forest that are critical in trapping rainwater, recharging the natural water basins and protecting the quality of the water by reducing runoff.

4. Create Positive Value. Cerveza Imperial partners with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to improve access to fresh water, conserve fresh water, clean fresh water and sustain fresh water.

This water positive approach has been recognized by ISO14046 international guidelines and reviewed by the Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainable Design center in Mexico and is verified each year by the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica.

“We take very seriously our commitment to support the tropical forest and local communities in Costa Rica,” Sanchez said. “Our partnership with the Colorado Water Trust is no different. We are proud to make an investment in the well-being of the community and carry the water positive message to this beautiful state.”

About Cerveza Imperial Silver

Cerveza Imperial Silver is crisp with a light body and soft bitterness balanced with the sweetness of malt. It has a bright golden color and presents light banana fruit notes with a dry texture, and clean and refreshing taste.

· Beer Profile: American Style Lager
· ABV: 4.5 percent
· IBUs: 11
· Key Ingredients: Ninety percent two-row malt with light stable hops

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About Cerveza Imperial

Cerveza Imperial, Costa Rica’s, most popular beer, is a product of FIFCO, Florida Ice and Farm Company S.A., founded in 1908. FIFCO is a Costa Rican food and beverage company and has a portfolio of more than 1,500 products, including beer, spirits, wine as well as a nonalcoholic portfolio of juices, water, carbonated soft drinks, milk, among other. FIFCO operates under a triple bottom line business strategy, reporting its economic, social and environmental results through the Integrated Report following GRI Standards and Integrated Reporting methodology.


Volume PR for Cerveza Imperial
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Release Summary

The world’s only water positive beer has chosen the state of Colorado for the launch of Imperial Silver


Volume PR for Cerveza Imperial
Kristina Groves, 720-529-4850