Excellent Spanish Olive Oil Researcher, First Visit to Japan for OLIVE OIL KANSAI 2017

Special presentations by world-class well-known researchers will provide you the correct knowledge and the hints for the future olive oil business.

Dr. Brigida Jimenez Herrera (Spain); Director of the Center IFAPA Cabra (Photo: Business Wire)

OSAKA, Japan--()--The Japanese olive oil business showcase, OLIVE OIL KANSAI which was inaugurated in 2016 and was delivered in a favorable reputation, will be staged again in October, 2017 at the largest exhibition venue in the west Japan, INTEX OSAKA.

Like 2016, the 2017 show will be organized again in practical, technical and attractive measures with some special programs onsite, one of which is special presentations by world-class well-known researchers. As we did in 2016, we will newly invite one of the excellent researchers in the world, Dr. Brígida Jiménez Herrera from Andalucia, Spain who is serving herself in the active front line on the industry.

Her presentations will enable you to be provided the useful but technical knowledge or helpful information, difficult to obtain even in Japan, the correct knowledge and understanding on the international standards of olive oils or the future business developments. Please do not miss this chance of being presented by the industry prominent figure, Dr. Brígida Jiménez Herrera.

OLIVE OIL KANSAI 2017 International Exhibition
Date: October 11th to 13th, 2017
Special seminar schedule: 3 seminars/day for 3 days (1 seminar time slot will be about 1 hour)
Special seminar participation fee (expected) 1 seminar: 3,000 JPY, 1 day ticket 8,000 JPY, 3 days ticket 20,000 JPY
Room Capacity: 50 people

“Excellent Spanish olive oil researcher will make special presentations”
* The other researchers will also be invited.

Speaker : Dr. Brígida Jiménez Herrera (Spain)
Brígida Jiménez Herrera is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Master in Economics, Business Administration (MBA) and Diploma in Business Management by the CSIC. She is Director of the Center IFAPA Cabra since 1990, specializing in the Olivar center, olive oil and table olives.
She has been invited in major international competitions of quality of olive oil and contributing to olive oil industry.
She will make 2 presentations about “Main varieties of oil in Spain: Physical- chemical characterization and sensory description” and “Importance of the filtration and type of container in the conservation of EVOO”.


“OLIVE OIL KANSAI 2017” Special Programs (subject to change)

Name of the program   Highlights

Visitor Guided Tasting Tour

Our selected olive oil professionals on tasting which were trained by our cooperation partner, JOOTA-Japan Olive Oil Taster Association and discover the world of olive oils. The tours on scheduling provide a practical overview, linking exhibits country to country or olive cultivar or the characteristics of olive oils. Thus by being followed and explained simply by JOOTA’s Olive Oil professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience, visitors can deeply understand more for olive oils. They will guide visitors to experience the fascinating extra virgin olive oils. Then visitors as professional buyers or media press can enjoy the exciting diversions along with each tour.

Live Cooking Demonstration

A professional chef on each main foods such as Japanese, Spanish Italian etc. will lively demonstrate their cooking to optimize the level and the value of exhibitor’s olive oils through their technique with their recipes.

Company Presentation

The exhibitors will present and attract their branded varietal olive oils with their olive cultivar.

Special Presentation

Inviting the industry prominent figures not only from Japan but also from overseas, the varietal and practical presentations by them will be made.

Business Matching Service

  Our professional coordinators will support you and pre-arrange to generate your business talk onsite to connect the potential customers and the exhibitors.

For more information, please check to see our official web site, http://www.olive-kansai.com/en/.

* About INTEX OSAKA (http://www.intex-osaka.com/en/)
INTEX OSAKA was established in the year, 1985 to further develop and internationalize the regional economy in both Osaka and the broader unions of the other local governments, Kansai. This year, 2017 has been the memorable 32 years after being established.


Osaka International Business Promotion Center
OLIVE OIL KANSAI 2017 Secretariat
Tomohiro Hiwatashi, +81-6-6612-8863
FAX: +81-6-6612-8686

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Osaka International Business Promotion Center
OLIVE OIL KANSAI 2017 Secretariat
Tomohiro Hiwatashi, +81-6-6612-8863
FAX: +81-6-6612-8686