Introducing the Wearhaus Beam: Studio-quality In-Ear Headphones that Merge High Fashion and High Tech

Launching via Kickstarter, the new Wearhaus Beam earbuds deliver studio-quality sound and high tech features to improve every activity from trail running, to Crossfit, to city strolls

BERKELEY, Calif.--()--Wearhaus, a startup that brings together studio-quality headphones with Silicon Valley technology, today announced the second product in their family of Bluetooth headphones: the Wearhaus Beam. The Beam is the company’s first in-ear model that delivers the same high-quality sound and hardware experience, while extending constantly evolving Wearhaus technology into a new form factor and presenting to new audiences. As with the Arc, the Beam is capable of receiving new features via over-the-air software updates and, out of the box, will provide Wireless Audio Sharing, Wearhaus’s innovative social sharing technology that lets friends effortlessly listen to music together, whether at the gym, running or simply walking around the city.

“Wearhaus is a music-first company,” said Richie Zeng, CEO and Co-Founder of Wearhaus. “One of the things we love about music is that it is fluid: constantly changing based on our lives, our moods, and our daily activities.”

“But while our music changes constantly, traditional headphones just stay the same,” continued Mr. Zeng. “Normal headphones don’t change, never get better, and never surprise us with new ways to listen and enjoy. At Wearhaus we believe headphones can be just as social, just as vibrant, and just as customized and ever-changing as the music we love.”

Wearhaus began on Kickstarter with the Wearhaus Arc: premium on-ear headphones with Wireless Audio Sharing, customizable full-spectrum light rings, and seamless app and firmware updates to constantly deliver new features to our listeners. The new in-ear Beam model also premiers on Kickstarter, providing first access to original backers and the broader Kickstarter community.

In terms of technical specifications the Beam, like the Arc, is focused on quality above all things. The Wearhaus Bean boasts 9.2 millimeter, 16 ohm audio drivers, delivering studio-quality sound in a light and convenient form factor. In addition to high quality audio specifications, the external materials are similarly luxurious, with anodized aluminum, scratch resistant alloyed plastic, a sweat-proof build, and a full selection of comfortable, ergonomic silicone ear tips.

Additional features of the Wearhaus Beam include:

Your Music, Your Style

Customizable lights provide full control of your earbud color. With the color picker on the Wearhaus app, you can choose one color, a multi-color gradient, and even pulse with the music or match album artwork.

Brilliance in Bluetooth

Patented Bluetooth technology allows multiple Wearhaus products to wirelessly sync up and listen together, no matter what audio source you use. Share your new music discoveries with your partner, blast pump up music with your gym crew, or run on pace with your buddy.

Built with the Future in Mind

Wearhaus products get better over time. State-of-the-art firmware updates allow constant updates with new premium features like cinema sound, bass boost, voice prompts, Bluetooth antenna enhancements, and improved audio sharing.

Designed for Mobile

The Wearhaus app enables full control of your music, sharing, and millions of light ring color options. Connect your Apple Music account and collaboratively queue up music while listening with friends.

Founded by two former UC Berkeley engineering students, Richie Zeng and Nelson Zhang, who left school early to pursue Wearhaus full time, Wearhaus has now grown to a team of 20 people, split between Berkeley, CA and Shenzhen, China. The original Wearhaus Arc retails for $199 and is available for purchase on the company’s website,, on Amazon,, and in Fry’s Electronics stores. The new Wearhaus Beam is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

About Wearhaus:

Wearhaus is a hardware and software startup focused on using headphones to bring people together, rather than isolate them from one another. The company’s first product, the Wearhaus Arc, launched as a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and the company sold out of their first run in a matter of weeks. A global company from day one, Wearhaus has software engineering based in the United States, manufacturing based in China, with sales in Asia, Europe and North America. Wearhaus global headquarters is in Berkeley, CA.


Press Contact in the US:
for Wearhaus
Kevin Brown, 512-917-8744


Press Contact in the US:
for Wearhaus
Kevin Brown, 512-917-8744