NextGen Crowdfunding® Hosts Live Pitch Event for Innovative Entrepreneurs to Share Their Company Visions & Connect with Potential Investors

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NextGen Crowdfunding® - the leading company that helps people explore new types of crowdfunding - announces a live crowdfunding pitch event where entrepreneurs will take to the stage to present their investment crowdfunding campaigns in a fast-paced, interactive and educational environment.

The livestreamed “Crowdfunding Pitch Event” will highlight investment crowdfunding campaigns that all hope to be the world’s next unicorn. Potential investors watching in person and online will be able to listen to company executives share their business goals, and then determine whether to invest in their campaigns through their crowdfunding platform websites.*

The event also will feature an educational panel on the history of angel investing and the new era of investment crowdfunding.


The Crowdfunding Pitch Event will be co-hosted by:

  • NextGen Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Richard Swart, a founding board member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA), and an advisor to the UK and U.S. governments and to the Bill and Melinda Gates, Kauffman, and Rockefeller foundations.
  • Adam Chapnick, a investment crowdfunding expert and former principal of Indiegogo

Judy Robinett, a prominent startup funding expert and traditional angel investor, will be speaking as part of the crowdfunding panel. She will be joined by Alexander “Zinger” Alvy, an investor in equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Investment crowdfunding campaigns participating in the live pitch event will include:

  • NextRX: Creator of the "Rewarding Membership Network" combining fast and secure patient registration and check-in with reward points
  • Social Bluebook: Provides technology tools for social media content creators and brands to help them build their businesses and pursue their passions
  • That Christmas Movie: Independent film company with four Emmys® and an Oscar® producing “I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas,” a holiday comedy
  • TopScore: Provides software to sports organizations that helps them manage their organization, including registrations, memberships and payments
  • Xero Shoes: Reinventing footwear by giving people the fun and freedom of natural, barefoot-inspired movement


  • Tuesday, June 13 at 2:00pm PT/ 5:00pm ET


*NextGen Crowdfunding is not an investment platform website, and it does not recommend any deals, take success fees or receive commissions.


For NextGen Crowdfunding:
Jason Feldman, 212-319-3451, ext. 644


For NextGen Crowdfunding:
Jason Feldman, 212-319-3451, ext. 644