2017 Report on Life Sciences Market Research Industry

Study Shows Tension Between Embrace of Tech Transformation and Institutional Barriers to Faster Market Research

BOSTON--()--According to a new study of life science market researchers by InCrowd, a pioneer of real-time market intelligence to the life science and healthcare industries, many are embracing nimble technologies as they grapple with barriers to receiving quick, high-quality data.

The 2017 Life Science Market Research—State of the Market Report asked 84 market research executives about emerging research approaches, investments, desired innovations, and challenges. A key takeaway is that there is a strong inclination for new ways of conducting tracking studies, while optimizing limited resources.

“The study results show an understanding of the important role technology plays in keeping up with competitive markets,” said Janet Kosloff, CEO and Co-Founder of InCrowd, “There really is a way to use technology to remove barriers on multiple levels and efficiently track your KPIs to stay ahead of market changes.”

The report shows:

  • Researchers want automated, qualitative research and text analytics: 40% say they wish they could invest in them, and 12% saying they are currently investing.
  • Automated tracking studies are also of interest: 31% say they wish they could invest in them; 15% say they already are.
  • Traditional tracking studies saw a drop between those already investing (44%) to those wishing they could (17%). 68% said they do not regularly conduct ATUs (awareness, trial, and usage), or other tracking studies.
  • 60% are already using online communities, and 63% are investing in big data analytics.

Top barriers to success:

  1. Lack of resources (57%)
  2. Corporate culture (46%)
  3. Inability to understand market (14%)
  4. Government regulations (9%)

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Release Summary

InCrowd's 2017 Report on Life Sciences Market Research Industry shows tension between embrace of tech transformation and institutional barriers to faster market research.


InCrowd Media Contact
Aaron Gouveia, 617-646-3309