Shaw + Scott Announces Groundbreaking Customer Journey View Feature

With the release of the Customer Journey View in Email Archiver, Shaw + Scott gives marketers an email-by-email look at individual customer experiences over time.

SEATTLE--()--Shaw + Scott Labs, the innovation division of digital marketing agency Shaw + Scott, has announced the addition of an original and unprecedented feature to their Email Archiver tool: the Customer Journey View.

The Customer Journey View gives marketing teams real-world insight into how individual subscribers experience and interact with a brand’s email marketing program over time. Key features include:

  • Visual timeline of email communications sent to individual recipients
  • Ability to drill down by date, campaign type, marketing program or strategy
  • Unique details about each message, including personalization and dynamic content
  • Tablet and mobile support for agents in retail locations

By giving email marketers a comprehensive look at email communications received across the customer lifecycle – including transactional and promotional messaging streams – this tool enables teams to plan and execute seamless, targeted messaging strategy.

“Many of our marketing clients have been looking for a feature like the Customer Journey View for years,” said Aaron Smith, Senior Vice President of Shaw + Scott Labs. “There is currently no other tool that provides email marketers with such a holistic look into their customers’ inbox experiences, and we look forward to seeing how it elevates marketers’ ability to build powerful programs across the full customer lifecycle.”

Email Archiver seamlessly integrates with email service providers (ESPs) and internal email systems to capture and store all outbound messages. Messages can be reviewed in the Customer Journey View for up to two years.

With an easy-to-use interface, Email Archiver gives users the ability to quickly look up and resend messages to recipients, maintaining all personalization and dynamic content included in the original email. Marketing teams can focus on effective execution while empowering customer care teams to address most common subscriber requests and inquiries. The overall capabilities of Email Archiver include:

  • Storing, looking up and resending marketing or transactional emails to subscribers
  • Giving call center users a clear view of subscriber opt-in and deliverability status, and making it possible to change subscriber status with the click of a button
  • Reducing call center inquiry resolution time from 2-5 days to just 2-5 minutes for most email related inquiries
  • Easily integrating with industry standard call center solutions
  • Now providing Customer Journey View, offering a historical timeline of delivered messages that allows marketers to see how their programs are being deployed and engaged with over time

About Shaw + Scott Labs:

Shaw + Scott Labs is the technology and innovation division of digital marketing agency Shaw + Scott, specializing in software solutions, data science and marketing technology integrations. The mission of Shaw + Scott Labs is to translate digital strategy needs into proven, effective marketing technology solutions. Shaw + Scott Labs partners with customers to make the complex simple, and innovation attainable. Learn more at

About Shaw + Scott:

Shaw + Scott was founded in 2009 by Melissa Shaw and Julian Scott to deliver a full range of digital marketing solutions to client organizations across a spectrum of industries and market verticals. Recognized brands including Alaska Airlines, REI, Snapfish, Virgin America, Harry & David, and Holland America rely on the digital marketing experts at Shaw + Scott to conceive, design, build, and implement marketing campaigns that drive bottom line results and positive customer experiences. To learn more, visit the Shaw + Scott website at


Jamie Gray, 312-834-4054


Jamie Gray, 312-834-4054