The "Secret is Out" – Secret Knock Conference Achieves New Milestones in 2017

Exclusive Experiences Connect Business Icons, Entertainers and Leaders in One-of-a-Kind Personal Achievement Events

LOS ANGELES--()--The world’s most unique "Can’t Miss" conference for business leaders and entrepreneurs, according to, Thrive:Global and Inc, is scaling to even greater heights in 2017. On the heels of a sold-out Los Angeles event just completed in May, Secret Knock (, the creation of author and host Greg S. Reid, has announced two additional limited-space experiences for the 2018 agenda, on March 7-8 and September 17-18 in San Diego, Calif.

Now three years old, Secret Knock’s two-day programs are exemplified by forward-thinking TED-style presentations from iconic leaders who’ve accomplished significant and surprising business outcomes and enacted wide-scale social change. Attendees interact with and learn directly from entrepreneurial greats, as opposed to one-way presentations from teachers, authors or professional speakers.

Reid delights in providing participants with unique and surprise experiences not available from anywhere else: “Secret Knock is the place for a completely different kind of encounter — one-of-a-kind guests, life- and world-changing nuggets of information, and contacts that result in business, wealth and philanthropy outcomes occur at every event.”

Featured speakers are individuals who are pioneers of change and advocates of collaboration, Reid says, with 2017 programs being brought forward by the following sponsors:

Allure Catering – for amazing meals
Brigade - for Unique LA Conference Venue
City Gala
Eric Osche
Integrated Consulting and Management, LLC
Halleck Wine
Jody Harris
Orlando Branding
Evergreen Manufacturing
Chris Clothier
Tonini Lamborghini
Walk N Talk
Umbrella Syndicate
Manny's Apps

Featured 2017 speakers, including the following:

Pat O’Brien, TV Personality
Lesley Visser, Sports Icon
Tonino Lamborghini, International Entrepreneur
Josh Flagg, Million Dollar Listings
Gene Landrum, Chuck E. Cheese
Clarissa Burt, Model/Entertainment
Frank Shankwitz, Creator of Make A Wish
Steve Sims, BlueFish
Ron Klein, Inventor of Credit Card Magnetic Strip
Scott Duffy, Entrepreneur Magazine
John Salley, NBA Champion
Ryan Long, Founder, City Gala
Kent Emmons, Banker
Dan Fleyshman, Model Citizen Fund
Jules Heimovitz, Creator for Showtime, A&E, Lifetime
Ernesto Ancira, Ancira Automotive
Dr. Srini Pillay, Harvard Brain Expert
Devon Harris, Jamaican Bobsled
Scott Parazynski, American Astronaut
Leah O’Brien Amica, Olympic Gold Medalist
David Meltzer, Sports 1 Marketing
Tyson Apostal, Winner, "Survivor"
Steve Van Deventer, Preveceutical
Richard Weiler, Guerilla Marketing
Kerri Courtright, Founder, Income Store
Caleb Maddox, Motivator
Cheryl Snapp Conner, Media Authority,
Michelle Tucker, Business Icon
Dave Austin, Sports Performance
Ascher Milgrom, Rejuvenative Health

About Secret Knock

Greg S. Reid, founder and CEO of Secret Knock, is a well-known author whose bestselling books include Three Feet From Gold: Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities! and Stickability: The Power of Perseverance. Reid is also highly known as a keynote speaker and moderator whose interviews include renowned celebrities and leaders such as John Travolta, Halle Berry, Richard Branson, Edward Snowden and more.

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Secret Knock
Katrina Thornton, 858-295-9826

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The world’s most unique "Can’t Miss" conference for business leaders and entrepreneurs, according to, Thrive:Global and Inc, is scaling to even greater heights in 2017.


Secret Knock
Katrina Thornton, 858-295-9826