CES Asia 2017 Exhibitor Profiles

SHANGHAI--()--CES Asia 2017 takes place June 7 - 9, 2017, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China. Exhibitor profiles are listed below.

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Company: analogue plus
Booth: 5118
Web: www.analogue-plus.com

We’ve developed Ahead to provide safe, convenient usage of mobile devices. Ahead is a small device that attaches to the outside of helmets and enables users to use audio functions like making calls or listening to music, without restricting their awareness of their surroundings. The solution also enables person-to-person ‘Walkie-Talkie-style’ communication.

Unlike other earphones, Ahead does not block surrounding noise. With Ahead, you can listen to music or take a phone call while maintaining total awareness of what’s going on around you.

Ahead is a communication device. Therefore, it not only transmits sounds from a mobile phone to the helmet, but was developed to offer clear voice delivery to the parental device. 2 MEMS Microphone with effective noise-canceling technology are placed to capture conversation and deliver it to the recipient device.

Company: Catalyst
Booth: 1832
Web: www.catalystcase.com

Catalyst is a premium lifestyle accessories brand founded to create iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world. Catalyst offers the highest performance accessories that are the best value for their customers. In 2010, after seeing a requirement for a product that fit their needs but did not yet exist, they designed and developed a line of high-performance everyday cases, accessories and sleeves for their many outdoor and underwater adventures. Catalyst is available in more than 70 countries including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Company: Clean Concept LLC
Booth: 2055
Web: http://www.myzapplight.com

The Zapplight team originates from Los Angeles, California, and is now headed up by Mr. Max Azria, the revolutionary founder of the BCBG fashion label.

Alongside his team of associates, Mr. Azria is now working on a solution to combat the global mosquito crisis, and to provide an advanced alternative to traditional home lighting that ensures safe, effective and reliable mosquito protection for all family members.
Company: Eco Life
Booth: 4008
Web: http://ecolife.eu.com/en

Healthy Breathing is a system to measure local air quality - SMOG pollution - PM 10, PM 2.5 - as well as other parameters, both inside and outside buildings with recommendations to take appropriate actions. The results of these measurements are available thorough mobile applications and website, also are visually communicated through appropriate color on the device. Communities using social platform can easily check SMOG pollution levels in any part of the city, including indoor & outdoor. Data feedback enables you to issue recommendations concerning the selected activity, e.g. where to jog or SMOG peak hours in your region, thus minimizing the negative effects of air pollution on your health.

Company: GEO Semiconductor Inc.
Booth: 3023
Web: http://www.geosemi.com

GEO Semiconductor Inc., a leader in the automotive industry, provides image processing silicon with embedded ISP, geometric correction and OSD to enable automotive cameras to take clearer, wider and more realistic images. Some of the key applications for GEO based cameras are AVM, rear view & backup, mirror replacement, ADAS, and driver monitoring.

Company: HiScene Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5718
Web: www.hiscene.com

HiScene was founded in 2012. It focuses on researching and developing core technologies and products for augmented reality (AR). The company is committed to be the artificial intelligence (AI) company that provides the most natural human-computer interaction (HCI) and explores the deepest data value. In 2016, HiScene released a complete system of AR products and services, including the fundamental technical platform, AR cloud service, content platform and intelligent terminal based on HiAR, devoted to building a next-generation computing platform.

Company: HUDWAY / RIT innovations
Booth: 3602 Hall 3
Web: https://hudway.co/

HUDWAY offers a safe and modern way to access the most needed smartphone functions without distracting a driver's attention from the road. HUDWAY software and hardware solutions are innovative, versatile and intuitive. They aim at developing and promoting the concept of affordable HUDs globally.

Company: Hyundai Motor Company
Booth: N3 3016
Web: http:www.hyundai.com

Hyundai Motor Company is a global automotive manufacturer and world's leader of fuel cell electric vehicle technology. It has been 15 years since Beijing Hyundai was established in China, and Hyundai has endeavored to deliver advanced technologies to Chinese consumers in order to make their lives better. In CES Asia 2017, Hyundai is going to present its future technology vision. CES Asia 2017 attendees can experience Hyundai's future technologies such as autonomous vehicle, FE fuel cell electric vehicle concept and car connectivity technology.

Company: Interlink Electronics
Booth: N1-1045
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: LINK (NASDAQ)
Web: http://interlinkelectronics.com/

Interlink Electronics is a trusted advisor, technology partner and global leader in the advancing domain of human-machine interface and force-sensing technologies. Interlink Electronics has led the printed and flexible hybrid electronics industry in the commercialization of patented Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR®) technology. With this technology platform Interlink Electronics had delivered rugged and reliable human-machine interface (HMI) system solutions for over 30 years. Interlink Electronics has provided human-machine interface solutions for mission-critical applications in a wide range of markets, including, but not limited to consumer electronics, automotive, rugged computing, robotics, IoT, industrial, and medical devices.

Company: Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5619
Web: www.keenonrobot.com

Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in intelligent service robots. It was founded in February 2010 with headquarters located in Shanghai, China. The company's main products are autonomous service robots, which can be used for shopping, food and beverage delivery and other services.


We have a dream--“Developing more intelligent robots, offering more convenient and comfortable AI service to thousands of households.” To achieve this goal, we will continue to focus on the customers' needs, keep on innovating our technologies and develop excellent products.

Company: Meo Limited
Booth: Hall N2 2011
Web: www.meo.life
Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/ces-asia-2017/bluebymeo/

Meo is a Hong Kong based, health focused technology company, providing social businesses and governments solutions to common environmental concerns with initial focus on air quality. Meo is launching blue - the innovative, patented, air quality monitor for smart buildings and smart cities. Blue measures the most relevant air quality components: Particulate Matter (PM 2.5 & PM 10), Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature and Humidity to help businesses and governments understand, improve and maintain their air quality based on data and performance monitoring.

Company: MyGenomeBox
Booth: N4 4202
Web: www.mygenomebox.com

MGB begins the Smart DNA era, a new eco-system based on a high secure cloud platform with genome data and related DNA apps. Your genome codes are turned into valuable and exciting meanings using apps developed by yourself or others. Like with the Apple App Store or Google Play, third party application developers build Apps and then market them directly to customers. Moreover, you can get an insight for business ideas and opportunities by connecting thousands of personalized genomic apps.

Company: PowerVision
Booth: 2042
Web: www.powervision.me

PowerVision Robotics Inc. is a global leader in consumer robotics technologies, focusing on aerial and underwater drones. With a corporate mission to innovate the future, PowerVision’s lineup ranges from smart drones and robots, data visualisation and forecasting, and virtual and augmented reality. Founded in 2009, PowerVision comprises nearly 500 employees in China, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, and Finland.


In 2016, PowerVision launched the world's first gesture-control drone, PowerEgg and the premium professional cinematography drone PowerEye. In 2017, the first underwater robot PowerRay comes out.

Company: Scosche Industries, Inc.
Booth: N2 2552
Web: www.scosche.com

In business now for over 35 years, SCOSCHE Industries is an award-winning innovator of consumer technology and car audio products - committed to delivering quality, value and unmatched customer service. The designers and engineers at Scosche develop products that reflect a rich heritage in audio and mobile technologies. With over 100 patents and countless industry awards, it’s easy to see why SCOSCHE is consistently at the forefront of technology and innovation. At Scosche Booth #N2.2552, experience boomBottle®, our award-winning family of portable wireless speakers, magicMOUNT™ our award-winning mounting system for mobile devices that goes wherever you go and much more.

Company: Shanghai Danlaw-XiCheng Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3025
Web: www.xcfz.cn

Shanghai Danlaw - XiCheng Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to create car front loading levels of the products, give the user a better car electronic products, after DNXC is a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, our parent company is well-known international manufacturers of global platform supplier, engaged in automotive electronics business for more than 20 years, our American team engaged in auto electronic test for more than thirty years.

Company: Solytech Enterprise Corp.
Booth: Hall N2 (2584)
Web: http://www.soly-tech.com

Solytech Enterprise Corporation is a public company in Taiwan (stock symbol: 1471) with a production base located in one of the manufacturing centers in China-Dongguan. We provide professional OEM/ODM services for Power Supplies and Chassis.



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CES Asia 2017 takes place June 7 - 9, 2017, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China. Exhibitor profiles are listed below.


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