Impending Memorial Day Inclement Weather Poses Greater Safety Risks at the Beach

30-Year Self-Defense and Safety Expert,’s Steve Kardian, stresses importance of practicing beach safety

NEW YORK--()--Disruptive weather focused on most of Central and Eastern U.S. states calls for a heightened awareness of safety hazards for families this Memorial Day Weekend.

“According to the CDC, about ten people die from unintentional drowning every day--and two out of ten are ages 14 and younger,” says Steve Kardian, 30-year law enforcement veteran, FBI defense tactics instructor, and author of The New Superpower for Women. “Beach safety is vital all summer long, but with the possibility of serious storm conditions this weekend, parents must be on high alert.”

The following safety tips will help minimize potential threats to the safety and well-being of families:

  1. Pay attention to beach condition warnings at or near the entrance to the beach- surf, riptides, wind speed, and predator alerts can change rapidly. Also, the possibility of bacteria warnings from too much rain or sewage leaking into the water.
  2. No life guard, no life line! Venturing into the water without a lifeguard is risky under any condition.
  3. Always swim with a buddy or in a group. Adults watching kids should keep the number as low as possible.
  4. Educate yourself on riptides, you can quickly become exhausted fighting the surf. Swim parallel to the beach and out of the riptide.
  5. Hypothermia can occur in any water temperature below 70.
  6. Digging or burying yourself in the sand can be fatal, especially for children.
  7. Avoid consuming alcohol as it drastically reduces reaction time and can cause dehydration.
  8. Be mindful of beach chairs, umbrellas, and other objects that can pose danger in high winds.

“It might be too late to cancel your beach getaway, but it is never too late to be prepared and keep your family safe,” adds Kardian.

Steve Kardian is an American career law enforcement officer, detective, sergeant and chief criminal investigator, who specializes in crime prevention and risk reduction for women's safety. Kardian is the author of The New Superpower for Women and founder of Defend University, where he trains thousands of people each year on safety and self-defense, as well as strategies and tactics uniquely tailored to women's safety.


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30-Year Self-Defense and Safety Expert, Steve Kardian, stresses importance of practicing beach safety


For Defend University
Josh Ginsburg, 646.964.4446