Meet TapFire: The Industry's First Influencer Performance-Driven Content Distribution Engine Created by TapInfluence

Released following an 18-month (private, customer-only) testing period, TapFire is architected to help marketers extend the ROI of existing influencer and branded content by assessing content virality and proprietary cross-platform engagement benchmarks

TapFire by TapInfluence (Photo: Business Wire).

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--TapInfluence, the world’s leading influencer marketing technology and marketplace of content creators, is democratizing influencer marketing through its influencer content amplification and distribution engine, TapFire.

Historically, influencer marketing has been very manual, time-consuming, and often required a significant budget. TapInfluence changes the game with the launch of TapFire, ensuring a convenience that allows businesses to, in real-time, automatically distribute their content through a large pool of influencers and content creators with a combined social reach estimated at 3 billion.

Upon entering a content URL into TapFire, the app analyzes the content’s virality score, pairs the content with relevant influencers in real-time, utilizing proprietary data-science algorithms and eight years of real campaign performance. The influencer to content pairing process takes multiple factors into consideration, including influencer demographics, interests, audience demographics, brand affinity, and previous influencer campaign performance. The ease and effectiveness of TapFire allow marketers to maximize the ROI of existing content and amplify the effectiveness of digital marketing programs.

Network     Average CPA     Average CPC
Google AdWords     $59.18     $2.32
Facebook     $1.49     $1.52
TapFire by TapInfluence*     $0.98     $0.98

*Comparison based on comparative cost per engagement (CPE) a qualitative alternative to traditional CPA and CPC metrics. Benchmarks sourced from WordStream for Google AdWords and HootSuite for Facebook benchmarks.


TapFire is completely self-service and based on a cost per engagement (CPE) performance model, giving marketers an improved alternative to traffic, impressions, and cost per click (CPC) models offered by most content syndication outlets. For the first time, the technology removes the barriers and pain that marketers associate with influencer marketing:

  • Time. Running a campaign through TapFire is easy and requires three convenient steps. TapFire automates influencer selection and audience targeting, program automation, and performance review.
  • Price. Entire influencer marketing campaigns start as low as $700 per program. TapFire also allows marketers to repurpose existing content, extending the value of previously deployed marketing dollars while delivering to a hyper-targeted audience.
  • Value. Campaigns are based on program performance and proprietary engagement data across industry and channel, e.g. understanding the performance a fashion brand expect on Facebook. This gives marketers the ability to compare influencer marketing to programmatic models. Campaigns last for an average of 14-days and run across multiple platforms so marketers are not restricting digital marketing dollars to a single channel.

“Content fuels the modern marketing funnel and new buyer’s journey. According to Accenture, the average enterprise spends $50M annually on content creation,” said Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence. “TapFire is helping brands extend the lifetime value of their content, reach new and niche audiences, unlike ANY content distribution offering.”

The previous version of TapFire was released in late 2015 and was made available to existing TapInfluence software customers only. Evolving directly with the influencer marketing category, the new version of TapFire has been optimized with over 18-months of program data and thousands of programs (ranging from $700 to $75,000) tied to social media performance data and maximized for engagement; while outperforming existing social media boosters and content distribution channels. “We had a very strong week of sales that I’m attributing, at least in part, to our first TapFire campaign. It's rare for me to see something move the needle like this. TapFire outperforms the other marketing initiatives my team has tried,” said Mark Crames, CEO at Demeter Fragrance Library.

"Marketers want a way to work with influencers that is as easy as budgeting a Google AdWords campaign or Facebook Ad," says Jason Merkoski, Head of Marketplace for TapInfluence. "That's what we built with TapFire. We've seen it used to power everything from brand awareness to sales lift. And we back up TapFire with our benchmark and performance metrics. Once previously only available to enterprise customers, we're delighted to open up TapFire democratically to anyone who want to create a self-service content amplification campaign with influencers."

To learn more about TapFire, please visit this link.

About TapInfluence
TapInfluence is the leading influencer marketing technology and marketplace of content creators coupled with strategic services. The company enables Fortune 1000 brands to tap into the power of influencers and content creators leveraging their authentic, trusted voices. TapInfluence helps customers increase market share through massive reach and optimized engagement to achieve real sales lift. In a recent independent study, TapInfluence proved that influencer marketing drives 11x the ROI versus any other form of digital media.

TapInfluence’s Fortune 1000 customers include Kraft, Horizon Organic, Silk, Express, Fossil as well as top agencies such as Golin, CurrentPR, RhythmOne, and Ketchum. TapInfluence is privately held, with offices in Mountain View, Calif. and Denver, Colo. The company is backed by leading venture capital firms Noro-Moseley Partners, Grotech Ventures, Access Venture Partners and Knollwood Investment Advisory. For more information, visit or follow @TapInfluence on Twitter.


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For TapInfluence
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