BizVibe: Innovation Dominating the Food and Beverage Industry Worldwide

BizVibe highlights some the biggest and newest trends shaping the food and beverage industry. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--Shifting demographics, changing consumer needs, and creative products are behind some of the biggest trends in food and beverage products around the world. Details on these trends are some of this week’s top stories on BizVibe. BizVibe is the world’s smartest B2B marketplace and allows users to discover high quality leads, contact prospects, and source quotes in real time and can now connect on-the-go via BizVibe’s mobile app.

Innovation is at the forefront of Canada’s food trends

Recent findings by BrandSpark international, compiled in their annual Best New Product Awards report, show that Canadians tend to embrace innovation when it comes to food products. 75% of Canadians surveyed said that they like trying new products, and one in every two Canadian consumers looks for new or innovative products when shopping.

BrandSpark’s findings also show that food product manufacturers need to better understand and accommodate price-sensitivity from consumers. 40% of Canadian consumers reported being financially comfortable, but just as many say that they are living paycheque to paycheque.

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Sake trends are abundant in Japan’s food and beverage industry

New flavours and uses for sake are currently some of the top food and beverage trends in Japan. Sake jelly has become extremely popular, as has one-cup sake. One of the more creative sake trends involves combining sake with instant ramen.

Soft drinks are also rapidly gaining popularity in Japan, with the industry currently being valued at USD 32 billion a year. Shifting population demographics and a growing demand for functional food and beverages are some of the key drivers behind these trends.

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Access to vegan and vegetarian food products is increasing

Vegan and vegetarian food options are rapidly becoming more accessible and readily available for consumers, especially those in North America and Europe. Fast-casual restaurants in these regions are offering a greater number of vegan and vegetarian options, and the prevalence and variety of meat substitutes is increasing. According to Global Meat News, the global meat substitute market grow at a CAGR of 8.4% until 2020, when it will be worth over USD 5 billion.

Additionally, a greater number of mainstream grocery stores are stocking vegan cheese products, vegan desserts, and other vegan packaged food products.

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Jesse Maida
BizVibe Media & Marketing Executive

Release Summary

BizVibe highlights some of the newest trends shaping the food and beverage industry.


Jesse Maida
BizVibe Media & Marketing Executive