Bolste Named Innovative Player by Aragon Research in New “Digital Work Hub” Category

Bolste Offers an Innovative and Holistic Platform for Communicating, Managing and Collaborating in the Modern Workplace

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--Collaboration software startup, Bolste, Inc., today announced that Aragon Research has identified the company as an innovative player in a new and emerging category called the “Digital Work Hub.” The Arizona-based startup offers a cloud-based, integrated work platform, that helps entire teams, including their external stakeholders, like customers, partners and remote workers, to seamlessly collaborate, manage content and increase productivity like never before.

According to Aragon Research, the Total Available Market (TAM) for the “Digital Work Hub” category is about $9.5 billion. “Today small and medium-sized businesses and teams within large enterprises are experiencing loss of productivity, and this is driving interest in the newly defined Digital Work Hub – a platform that simplifies content sharing, access, and communications at all levels,” says Jim Lundy, founder, CEO and lead analyst at Aragon Research. “The Digital Work Hub is an emerging category of enterprise-grade software that facilitates and manages the creation, curation, and communication of business content from the individual to the ecosystem level - and Bolste is a key player in this emerging market space.”

Even with a multitude of enterprise collaboration solutions crowding the market today, the biggest challenge that businesses face, is the lack of a single interface platform that brings all of their necessary tools into one view. While the apps cater to specific collaboration needs like messaging, chat, conference calls, content sharing and more, most of the solutions are siloed and do not reflect the needs of today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

In fact, according to other various research reports1, enterprises face a stark loss in productivity due to of lack of a Digital Work Hub. For example, only 43 percent of workers access primary data in a centralized place. Thirty percent have to hunt through multiple places just to get their job done; and 75 percent of people have to move outside of current apps to relay information in other ways, keeping valuable information undocumented. This can cost more hours in the long run.

Bolste has been designed from the ground up, to help teams work smarter by bringing all necessary communication and collaboration tools together into one view. This single interface solution looks at the modern day workplace holistically, and offers various collaboration tools like messaging, video chat, file sharing, and critical content management capabilities - all in one place.

“The design for our Bolste platform comes from years of studying human behavior - how and where people work and the challenges people face in getting their work done. We noticed that when employees have multiple channels for communication, the data types and content are developed independently without a cohesive plan or understanding of the changing nature of how people work. This has resulted in multitude of tools that we see in the market today, that cannot be integrated, resulting in loss of productivity,” says Leif Hartwig, CEO of Bolste, Inc.

Bolste is already being used by Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium businesses that are seeing value in a Digital Work Hub. For more details about Bolste and pricing visit our website at:

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About Bolste, Inc.

Bolste is a complete, unified collaboration platform, created to connect entire teams, including internal and external stakeholders, wherever they are. The cloud-based app simplifies work-life, improving business interactions while saving organizations money. The platform streamlines communication and collaboration by replacing separate applications – video conferencing, email, file sharing, business messaging, calendars, tasks and more – with a single, instantly usable platform. Learn how some of the most trusted companies in the world are using Bolste to help their entire teams succeed at

1 Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise, Forrester Research


Bolste, Inc.
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Aragon Research has identified Bolste, Inc. as an innovative player in a new and emerging category called the “Digital Work Hub.”


Bolste, Inc.
Sarmishta Ramesh, +1 303-710-5486