ODG and Citrix Collaborate to Deliver SmartOffice of the Future

Combination Extends Power of Headworn Computing to New Professional Markets

Creates First Multi-OS Smartglasses; Users Can Now Securely Access PC and Digital Workspaces, including Microsoft Windows, on ODG Smartglasses

Over 500,000 Virtualized Business Apps, as well as Next Generation AR and VR, Seamlessly Accessible

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--ODG (Osterhout Design Group), a leading developer of augmented, virtual and mixed reality smartglasses, today announced it is working with Citrix to provide secure access to virtual desktops, digital workspaces and virtualized business apps and data using Citrix Receiver and XenApp and XenDesktop with ODG smartglasses.

This groundbreaking combination ushers in a new frontier in mobile computing and creates a new business mobility ecosystem. ODG and Citrix are collaborating to deliver turnkey business mobility solutions to leading enterprise customers in a variety of verticals, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, government, distribution and logistics. Using Citrix HDX technology, ODG smartglass users will now have easy and secure access to Microsoft Windows and Linux desktops, allowing them to access a virtual desktop anywhere with all their business applications, and experience exciting AR and cutting-edge VR via one small, compact and lightweight device.

Looking forward, this collaboration seeks to provide an ability to collect depth and positional data from smartglasses, process the data against machine learning and AI algorithms in the cloud, and deliver contextually aware data back to the glasses in real time. This will advance the power and potential of ODG glasses, particularly for 3D visualization and other use cases where real-time rendering is a must.

“A part of our mission is to make the extraordinary possible, we are working with ODG to combine our HDX application delivery technology with ODG smartglasses to showcase the future of work for enterprises and industry,” said Chris Fleck, vice president and technical fellow at Citrix. “We have been extremely impressed with the power and performance of ODG’s devices and believe it is an ideal device on which to expand into new mobile use cases and help drive the next-generation mobile computing platform.”

“Today, ODG’s smartglasses are a powerful tool being used or tested by many of the Fortune 500 in both heavy industry and the enterprise to improve efficiencies and drive cost savings,” said Bobby King, VP of Special Projects at ODG. “With Citrix’s suite of software, we extend the appeal and reach of our devices as practical, everyday products that deliver an unparalleled, secure, end-to-end headworn computing solution for business and personal use. It’s an exciting new dawn for business mobility.”

“Headworn, hands free computing is anticipated to be the primary driver of growth in the over $350 Billion mobile computing industry. Businesses are poised to take advantage of these technologies and a key aspect of capturing that growth is being able to offer safe, secure and high performance solutions,” said Anshel Sag, Associate Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “This partnership is a meaningful and exciting step towards the acceleration of adopting headworn computing among enterprise and business professionals.”

ODG will be demonstrating Healthcare and SmartOffice experiences at the Citrix Synergy Conference taking place at the Orange County Convention Center May 23-25, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Citrix Synergy is focused on the ‘Future of Work’ and ODG is excited to showcase this cutting-edge capability for the first time. For more information check out https://www.citrixsynergy.com/ and follow the event on Twitter at #citrixsynergy.

About ODG

ODG was founded in 1999 as a technology incubator and today is the leading developer and manufacturer of mobile headworn computing and augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality technologies and products. ODG’s amazing devices are changing the way we view the world. ODG is privately held. In December 2016 it announced a $58 million Series A funding with investors including 21st Century Fox, Shenzhen O-film Tech Co., Ltd., and Vanfund Urban Investment & Development Co. Ltd.. The Series A is the largest ever in wearables, augmented and virtual reality. To learn more about how we’re changing the face of computing, visit ODG’s website, Twitter and Facebook pages.


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