NoviFlow Launches NoviWare FlowShaper, Dramatically Driving Down The Cost of Traffic Management and H-QoS Solutions

NoviFlow Delivers Industry’s First Truly Scalable, High-Capacity Traffic Management and Hierarchical Quality of Service Technology Delivered in a 1U Enclosure With Unprecedented Price/Performance

SINGAPORE--()--NoviFlow Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance OpenFlow-based switching and routing solutions, today announced the release of FlowShaper, an optional feature enhancement of NoviWare, its Network Operating Software (NOS) for high-performance fully programmable forwarding planes.

NoviWare FlowShaper leverages the Traffic Management and Hierarchical Quality-of-Service (H-QoS) capabilities of the same network processors already deployed around the world in chassis-based edge routers. The difference is that NoviFlow packages this awesome capability in a 1U enclosure, making NoviSwitches the ideal platform for implementing QoS-based services at a fraction of the price of conventional solutions.

An example of the use of FlowShaper is the cloud-based Border Network Gateway (BNG/BRAS) being announced jointly by NoviFlow and Ordnance Networks (see today’s partnership news release) at CommunicAsia 2017 where the companies are exhibiting May 23rd to 25th. (All interested parties are invited to NoviFlow Stand BG3-07 where NoviFlow will also demonstrate SDN-based Cybersecurity live.)

The gateway solution combines the separation of control and data planes of Software Defined Networks (SDN) with the resource optimization of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), turning BNG/BRAS functionality into on-demand services and enabling user self-provisioning. Combining this cloud-based BNG/BRAS solution with FlowShaper expands possibilities and lowers the costs for advanced functions such as resource pooling, link optimization, dynamically reactive Quality of Service (QoS), network resilience and business continuity.

FlowShaper also benefits from the advanced SDN architecture of NoviWare, giving it many advantages over traditional H-QoS solutions:

  • Far more flexible classification (more varied sources of classification) as NoviWare implements the most complete set of OpenFlow match fields in the SDN industry, and even makes it possible for users to define new match fields, even in the packet payload.
  • The ability to track to 1 million meters using these flexible flow classifications and associated policies (Drop, DSCP Remark) compliant with RFC2697 srTCM and RFC2698/ MEF 5 trTCM.
  • Flows can be placed into any of 16 queues per class and a maximum of 46,000 classes for a total of 736,000 queues, and can then be forwarded through a 4-level hierarchy where traffic shaping is applied based on priority and rate limits, with 1 GB of deep DRAM buffer memory used for traffic shaping and Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED), providing for congestion avoidance.

According to Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO of NoviFlow, “FlowShaper is a game-changer, and with its release NoviFlow is extending the radical CAPEX and OPEX benefits of our technology to two new areas that are critical to our customers: Traffic Management and H-QoS enhancement. This innovation again demonstrates the tangible benefits SDN can bring to network operators once they start using NoviWare, the NOS platform developed by NoviFlow specifically for their environment. We will continue to expose the rich set of networking features inherently supported by the NPUs from Mellanox, and will release new Traffic Management features to enable network infrastructure providers and enterprises to get the most out of their WAN links.”

NoviFlow’s NoviWare provides the industry’s broadest support of the OpenFlow specification, including all OpenFlow 1.3 and 1.4 actions, instructions and match fields, and key OpenFlow 1.5 features. NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch line of high-performance fully programmable match-action forwarding planes leverage NoviWare and the advanced packet handling capabilities of network processors to significantly boost throughput, offer enhanced filtering options at line rates of 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps and 100 Gbps, and support up to 16 million simultaneous flows. The NoviSwitch/NoviWare architecture simultaneously supports in a single device multiple network services such as switching, routing, service chaining, firewalling, load balancing, and software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), among others.

FlowShaper adds to the already rich list of features making NoviWare the most programmable and useful match-action pipeline on the market, and it extends the foundation on which NoviFlow and its partners are building some of the networking industry’s most innovative and disruptive solutions.


NoviFlow Inc. provides high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions to network carriers, data center operators and enterprises seeking greater control, security and flexibility over their networks. NoviFlow has offices in Montreal, Sunnyvale and Seattle, and representatives in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, visit Follow NoviFlow on Twitter @NoviFlowInc.


Press and analyst relations for NoviFlow, Inc.
Liza Colburn, +1-781-562-0111

Release Summary

With the release of FlowShaper, NoviFlow extends the radical CAPEX and OPEX benefits of its technology to two critical areas for its customers: Traffic Management and H-QoS Enhancement.


Press and analyst relations for NoviFlow, Inc.
Liza Colburn, +1-781-562-0111