Stop Crying – Rendition InfoSec Releases TearSt0pper, Issues Recommendation for Companies to Heed the Warnings and Prepare

Leading information security expert leaps into action, develops and deploys a solution that creates a mutex (mutual exclusion object) that prevents the WanaCrypt0r 2.0/Wcry virus from further affecting already-exploited systems…suggests the time for vigilance is now

AUGUSTA, Ga.--()--Rendition InfoSec, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions and network security monitoring, today announced that the company has released a solution that stops the recent ransomware worm infection, WanaCrypt0r 2.0/Wcry, from further infecting already compromised systems. Rendition also says that the time for vigilance is now and companies need to secure their networks so future attacks will be thwarted. Recent string of attacks likely just the beginning.

“Downloading TearSt0pper is just the first step companies need to take to ensure that their information and networks are secure. There have been several recent incidents that are all linked together, and the question is, what are the perpetrators going to do next?” says Jake Williams, Founder and President of Rendition InfoSec. “We are recommending, not only for all our clients, but for all companies globally to take immediate action to ensure that their businesses are safe and that all risk is mitigated going forward. Specific suggestions would be to do a thorough incident response gap assessment, as well as a capabilities audit, and more.”

TearSt0pper does not actually prevent exploitation from “WanaCry.” By the time TearSt0pper is deployed, the host has already been infected. TearSt0pper prevents the ransomware from encrypting files. Systems will have to be running TearSt0pper to prevent active exploitation and TearSt0pper will have to be re-run each time infected machines are rebooted. Using an auto-run key can easily do this. Additionally, TearSt0pper does not need administrative privileges to run, so any user can benefit from its protection.

While more effective than any other solution available, TearSt0pper cannot be used to decrypt files from a system where files have already been encrypted. The solution does not disinfect a system; it merely uses the malware’s logic against it. Hence the need for companies to heed that warning and begin to better prepare their networks against future attacks.

Williams continues, “Future versions of ransomware and/or malware deployed via MS17-010 may use different mutexes, so, again, companies need to be vigilant and work with an Infosec provider that is more than one step ahead of the attackers in order to properly secure their networks.”

About TearSt0pper:

  • TearSt0pper works for WinXP and forward, contact Rendition to support earlier versions.
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Release Summary

Rendition InfoSec Releases TearSt0pper, Issues Recommendation for Companies to Heed the Warnings and Prepare


Performance Public Relations
Peter Nilsson, 858-880-5466