Doc re. Permitted Withdrawal of Chapelfield


Intu (SGS) Finance PLC announces the Permitted Withdrawal of Chapelfield

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15 May 2017

Intu (SGS) Finance PLC (the “Company”) announces that, on 15 May 2017, Intu (SGS) Finco Limited (“Finco”) has delivered to HSBC Corporate Trustee Company (UK) Limited (as “Obligor Security Trustee”) a Proposed Additional Transaction Certificate (as required by and defined in the common terms agreement between, amongst others, the Company, Finco and the Obligor Security Trustee, dated 13 November 2014, as amended and restated from time to time (the “Common Terms Agreement”)) dated the date hereof in connection with the proposed withdrawal of The Chapelfield Partnership, Chapelfield GP Limited, Chapelfield LP Limited and Chapelfield Nominee Limited (together, “Chapelfield”) from the Security Group (as defined in the Common Terms Agreement).

A copy of the above mentioned Proposed Additional Transaction Certificate is available at

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