Business Phone Service Becomes a Competitive Weapon with RingByName’s E-Z Score

Businesspeople can instantly convert any phone number into a concise report on the associated individual including Name, Address, Demographics, Financial, Home, and Social information

E-Z Score delivers valuable information instantly (Photo: Business Wire)

MIAMI--()--RingByName, a Miami company offering cloud communications services in 70 countries, has released E-Z Score, a powerful sales-enablement feature of RingByName. E-Z Score delivers instant prospect and customer profiles from a phone number – any phone number, even if the phone number’s all the information you have. This application of business and consumer Big Data to telecom service and call records represents the unlocking of a wealth of strategic information and insights within every business.

“Prospect and customer information is crucial to customer acquisition and retention. Most businesses know this but struggle to apply the knowledge. By integrating E-Z Score into RingByName, the delivery of important consumer information to the point-of-contact is automatic,” said Matt Bramson, Chief Growth Officer of RingByName. “The response to E-Z Score from some customer verticals, including real estate and financial services like insurance, has been significant and immediate. These businesses need the information E-Z Score provides to qualify a customer and complete a transaction – now they get it upfront in a relevant and actionable form. The implications of applying business and consumer Big Data to phone service are significant and additional innovative services are coming soon from RingByName.”

E-Z Score delivers the following valuable information on virtually every phone number:

  • Name and Address
  • Demographic information including gender, age, marital status, and children
  • Financial details including income, education, and high net worth
  • Home information including whether owned or rented, market value, and length of residence
  • Social media links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles as well as follower counts on each

E-Z Score is a feature of RingByName, a unified cloud communication service for businesses. RingByName has built and perfected a highly-scalable communications platform using proprietary and open-source software. The company has hundreds of thousands of customers using its services globally.

The heart of the E-Z Score feature is a heuristic data-appending engine that matches a phone number and generates a detailed individual profile by retrieving, comparing, and filtering consumer and business records from numerous public and private databases maintained by government agencies and leading data-aggregation companies.

About RingByName

RingByName is a cloud-based communications platform for small businesses. It helps companies build and retain relationships with their customers while running more smoothly. RingByName offers innovative features including a free web and mobile app so that companies can stay in touch anytime, anywhere. RingByName is headquartered in Miami, Florida and boasts hundreds of thousands of customers in 70 countries worldwide. For more information visit


Matt Bramson, 305-728-6420


Matt Bramson, 305-728-6420