CHEN - The Smartest Padlock for Modern Travelers


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PARIS--()--Over the years, Alban and Vladimir, co-founders of CHEN®, experienced, as we all do, various mishaps when travelling.

The CHEN® project went through many stages and today these different steps are part of CHEN’s story, from the creation of the team to the development of numerous professional partnerships.

As part of the project development, CHEN® had to actively engage in various contests to meet these financial needs. These achievements have helped us develop and promote the project.

Today, CHEN® is coming to life. We are proud of our prototypes and of the community that has developed, both through our communication and through the interest travelers have showed in our product. To witness such developments is amazing.

Today, after two years of research and development, CHEN® is ready for production, and we trust the Kickstarter community will help CHEN® spread its wings.


36 million pieces of luggage are lost every year by either airline companies or airport services.

Excess weight fines paid by travellers each year amount to millions of Euros.

Be it for padlocks or luggage, keys tend to get lost along the way.


CHEN® is an intelligent fashion accessory that will change your perception of the classical travel padlock.

An integrated tracking system, that works around the world, is linked to a paired app on your smartphone. Your luggage is “connected” via the GPRS tracking system and can be located around the world through the paired app.
Thorough research was led to combine both an accurate tracking system with a long life battery.

Simply lift to weigh : this is CHEN’s second innovative functionality. An integrated hook allows the user to weigh his/her piece of luggage, the resulting data instantly being sent to the paired smartphone screen.
The weighing system is operated through a strain gauge combined to a bluetooth module, to allow analysis and transmission of luggage weight data to the paired smartphone.

Last but not least, the padlock is unlocked through the app. No need for keys.

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Alban de Lanouvelle, +33 (0) 179 465 902


Alban de Lanouvelle, +33 (0) 179 465 902