NextGen Crowdfunding® Announces Title III One Year Anniversary Show

NextGen & Industry Experts Discuss the Progress of Title III Since New Crowdfunding Regulations Took Effect Last May

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NextGen Crowdfunding® - the leading company that helps people explore new types of crowdfunding - announces a webinar special celebrating the one year anniversary since Title III regulations took effect in May 2016. The online show includes the release of new data on the growth of the industry over the past 12 months and a discussion on pending equity crowdfunding legislation.

Titled The First Year of Title III Crowdfunding: A Growing Market and New Opportunities, the program will also introduce a new NextGen initiative for beginner, entry-level and experienced investors to interact with and learn from other investors in the space. The “Crowdfunding Angel Community” will allow investors to explore the new era of equity crowdfunding through educational videos, live events and industry data provided by the “NextGen Dashboard."


The webinar will be co-hosted by NextGen Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Richard Swart and investment crowdfunding expert Adam Chapnick. The program will also feature guest host Amy Wan, a partner at

Webinar guests will include:

  • Sam Guzik, Founder of Guzik & Associates
  • Andrew Dix, Founder & CEO of Crowded Media Group (publisher of Crowdfund Insider)


  • The Title III anniversary webinar will take place on Tuesday May 16 at 1:00pm PT/ 4:00pm ET


Viewers will log on to to watch the live webinar.


For NextGen Crowdfunding
Jason Feldman, 212-319-3451, ext. 644


For NextGen Crowdfunding
Jason Feldman, 212-319-3451, ext. 644