LENSAR® Awards Teleon Surgical European Distributor Contract

Following Successful EU Introduction of LENSAR Laser System for Refractive Cataract Surgery, Topcon Europe Medical Contract Ends

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--LENSAR, Inc., a global leader in next generation femtosecond laser technology for refractive cataract surgery, today announced it has selected Teleon Surgical as the company’s European distributor for its industry-leading femtosecond laser cataract platform, the LENSAR® Laser System with Streamline™. This comes as Topcon Europe Medical B.V. (TEM) transitions out of its distributorship of the LENSAR platform, effective June 1, 2017, as part of a shift in strategic direction for the company.

“Topcon was instrumental in the launch of the LENSAR technology in Europe, giving us an immediate global presence in tandem with the U.S. introduction of our femtosecond laser platform,” said Nicholas Curtis, CEO of LENSAR. “As we look to our future growth, the product and service profile offered by Teleon complements the LENSAR Laser System in the surgical theater and we look forward to building our EU base with Teleon.”

Teleon representatives will begin contacting EU-based LENSAR customers and will offer full service, sales, training and support after June 1, 2017. In addition, as of June 1, 2017, Mediconsult AG comes on board as the distributor for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

"Our partnership with Topcon over the past five years has been very important to us, particularly in Germany where LENSAR has very strong market penetration," continued Curtis. "Surgeons in Germany have appreciated the differentiation and commitment to patient outcomes that the LENSAR Laser System with Streamline provides, particularly as the use of complex IOL technology expands in managing astigmatism, extended depth of focus and presbyopia in cataract patients."

About the LENSAR Laser System with Streamline III

The LENSAR Laser System with Streamline III, the third LENSAR system upgrade in two years, is dedicated to helping surgeons manage astigmatism with extreme treatment planning insights. The only femtosecond cataract laser on the market today developed specifically for refractive cataract surgery, the LENSAR Laser System features quick and easy patient docking, as well as superior imaging capabilities including LENSAR’s proprietary Augmented Reality™ 3-D reconstruction. This technology facilitates enhanced procedure outcomes by allowing the physician to develop individualized treatment plans including precise laser delivery and efficient lens fragmentation that can reduce, and potentially eliminate, the amount of energy delivered into the eye.

Exclusive within the industry, the LENSAR laser is built on an open architecture, allowing for integration with the diagnostics surgeons prefer. Direct transfer of pre-operative evaluation and planning data from among a stable of technologies-of-choice topographers to the LENSAR Laser System via wireless or USB helps reduce the stackable errors that contribute to suboptimal outcomes. LENSAR leads the industry in its focus on helping surgeons with astigmatism management in all cataract procedures with its intuitive Streamline III features including:

  • Integration of complete corneal measurements, including total corneal refractive power and total corneal astigmatism
  • Iris Registration with automatic cyclorotation adjustment
  • IntelliAxis™ steep axis corneal marking
  • Arcuate incision planning leveraging pre-programmed and updated surgeon data
  • Surgeon tables used to manage pre-existing and surgically induced astigmatism

Refractive surgeons using either the Pentacam® HR, Pentacam ®AXL, ALADDIN, the Cassini® Corneal Shape Analyzer (i-Optics) or the Nidek OPD can leverage direct integration into the LENSAR Laser System, an exclusive feature allowing surgeons to optimize treatment for each individual patient based upon complete corneal measurement data.

About LENSAR, Inc.

LENSAR, Inc., is a global leader in next generation femtosecond cataract laser technology for refractive cataract surgery. The LENSAR Laser System with Streamline III offers cataract surgeons automation and customization for their astigmatism treatment planning and other essential steps of the refractive cataract surgery procedure with the highest levels of precision, accuracy, and efficiency. These features assist surgeons in managing astigmatism treatment for optimal overall visual outcomes.

The LENSAR Laser System has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for anterior capsulotomy, lens fragmentation, and corneal and arcuate incisions. For other indications, it is an investigational device limited by U.S. law to investigational use only. For more information, please visit www.lensar.com.


Lisa Spicer, 818-785-5287

Release Summary

LENSAR, Inc. announces selection of Teleon Surgical as the European distributor for the LENSAR® Laser System with Streamline™ for refractive cataract surgery.


Lisa Spicer, 818-785-5287