Alterian Launches Campaign Manager 6.0

Adaptive Customer Experience Lets Businesses Market to the Opportunity

LONDON--()--Alterian announces Campaign Manager 6.0, a new Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform that offers marketers breakthrough campaign management and behavioral insights within a single marketing system.

“We are constantly working to design a better experience for digital marketers to compete and win in the omnichannel world,” said Bob Hale, Alterian CEO. “Campaign Manager 6.0 will simplify our clients’ user experience while giving them new levels of power for not only email marketing, but to visualize, identify, and connect with customers for more valuable—and valued—customer relationships.”

Marketers have been struggling to find a convenient way to orchestrate a consistent and seamless customer experience across their entire ecosystem using one tool and one database. Now there is a solution.

Campaign Manager 6.0 offers a single tool for all marketing channels that is linked to one database, enabling marketers to simultaneously share the latest state of each customer relationship across multiple campaigns – ensuring that the right message is sent to create a consistently relevant, compelling experience. And as a single campaign management marketing system, it reduces investment and eliminates reliance on IT while magnifying cost efficiency and results.

Campaign Designer and Segment Builder are key features of Alterian’s Campaign Manager 6.0:

Campaign Designer
Campaign Designer provides Alterian marketers the ability to design, build and execute campaigns within a guided user experience, resulting in higher productivity and better understanding of campaign flow. Marketers can build campaigns using timer, event, variable, and channel elements to create phased, triggered campaigns that deliver highly personalized marketing communications.

Segment Builder
Segment Builder lets Alterian marketers see all segments in one location. The view shows the last counts of each segment and allows the marketer to reuse, copy or create a new segment.

With Segment Builder, marketers can create, execute, and save segments using an improved, guided user experience with unprecedented speed of access to data using the new Record Viewer. Marketers have access to all the latest data, giving them the ability to optimize segments with detailed inclusion and exclusion rules and create master segments for global reuse.

Find out more about how Alterian’s Campaign Manager 6.0 can give marketers a competitive edge with an adaptive customer experience, check out the full story here.

About Alterian
With over 19 years of experience, Alterian helps marketers around the world adapt to the unpredictable behavior of their customers so they can always send the right message no matter where and when an interaction occurs. Innovative brands use Alterian’s Chameleon Platform to create an adaptive customer experience that automatically adapts to the unpredictable behavior of their customers and naturally improves every single time a brand interaction occurs on any touchpoint.

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Jim McNulty, 508-481-2024

Release Summary

Alterian's Campaign Manager 6.0 is a new Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform that offers marketers breakthrough campaign management and behavioral insights within a single marketing system.


Jim McNulty, 508-481-2024