Alicorp First Quarter 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

LIMA, Peru--()--Alicorp S.A.A. (“the Company” or “Alicorp”) (BVL:ALICORC1 and ALICORI1) announced today its unaudited financial results corresponding to the First Quarter 2017 (Q1 17’). Financial figures are reported on a consolidated basis and are in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) in nominal Peruvian Soles, based on the following statements, which should be read in conjunction with the Financial Statements and Notes to the Financial Statements published at the Peruvian Securities and Exchange Commission (Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores - SMV).


1. Consolidated Revenue amounted to S/ 1,590.3 million (+10.6% YoY), while Volume reached 410.8 thousand tons (+7.2% YoY). Increase in Revenue is mainly explained by: i) a 6.8% YoY increase in the Consumer Goods Peru division, ii) a 30.7% YoY increase in the Fish Feed platform as a result of a recovery after the algal bloom, iii) a 28.3% YoY increase in Brazil, mainly due to the appreciation of the Brazilian Real against the Peruvian Sol, and iv) a 14.0% YoY increase of the Shrimp Feed platform due to a recovery after “El Niño” phenomenon, an increase in market share, and a shift in the revenue mix towards higher value added products.

2. Revenue and Volume from the Consumer Goods Peru division reached S/ 584.7 million (+6.8% YoY) and 115.4 thousand tons (+3.2% YoY) during Q1 17’. This increase is mainly explained by the growth registered by our core categories such as Edible Oils, Laundry Detergents, and Pasta. The Company’s branding strategy resulted in equal or higher value share in 11 out of 15 categories.

3. During Q1 17’ the Company launched and revamped 9 products (3 products in Consumer Goods Peru, 3 products Consumer Goods International, 2 products in B2B, and 1 product in Aquaculture). Among these launches the following can be highlighted: i) Fettuccini “Don Vittorio”, a new pasta format, in order to expand Don Vittorio’s product portfolio while offering a high price-to-quality value proposition and ii) “Nicovita Finalis” a new shrimp feed diet with a specialized nutritional profile in order to participate in the lower income market segment.

4. Gross Margin increased by 0.5 p.p. YoY (30.9% in Q1 17’ versus 30.4% in Q1 16’), while Gross Profit reached S/ 491.8 million, a 12.4% increase compared to the S/ 437.7 million of Q1 16’. This improvement is explained mainly by i) revenue management initiatives, ii) lower raw material and other supplies prices for the Fish Feed platform, and iii) savings in procurement and manufacturing as a result of our efficiencies program.

5. EBITDA amounted to S/ 185.8 million (+13.8% YoY), and EBITDA Margin increased by 0.3 p.p. YoY (11.7% during Q1 17’ versus 11.4% in Q1 16’).

6. Net Income totaled S/ 82.6 million during Q1 17’, an increase of 45.8% YoY, while Net Margin reached 5.2% (+1.3 p.p.). Higher Net Income is explained by: i) higher operating contribution from the Consumer Goods Peru business, the Aquaculture businesses, and the Brazilian operation, and ii) a decrease in Net Financial Expenses and FX exchange losses. Consequently, Earnings per Share (EPS) increased to S/ 0.096 from S/ 0.066 in Q1 16’.

7. Cash flow from Operations as of March 2017 was S/ 270.0 million, S/ 219.7 million higher than the figure generated as of March 2016. This increase was mainly explained by: i) a reduction in our Cash Conversion Cycle (Accounts Receivable decreased S/ 82.8 million and Accounts Payable increased S/ 106.5 million), and ii) higher Consolidated Revenue. Cash Flow for Investing Operations was S/ 15.3 million, compared to S/ 29.9 million registered as of March 2016. CAPEX investments as of March 2017 were S/ 19.3 million.

8. As of March 2017, Net Debt decreased by S/ 222.3 million versus December 2016, reaching S/ 1,110.6 million. Total Debt was S/ 1,643.5 million as of March 2017, S/ 37.1 million higher compared to December 2016. Net Debt decreased as a result of a strong cash flow generation in Peru due to working capital efficiencies, and higher profitability. Net Debt-to-EBITDA ratio decreased from 1.66x as of December 2016 to 1.35x as of March 2017.

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Alicorp is a leading Consumer Goods company headquartered in Peru, with operations in other Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and exports to other countries. The Company focuses on three core businesses: (1) Consumer Products (food, personal and home care products), in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile, among other countries, (2) B2B Products (industrial flour, industrial lard, pre-mix and food service products), and (3) Aquaculture (fish and shrimp feeding). Alicorp has over 7,600 employees in its operations in Peru and international subsidiaries. The Company´s common and investment shares are listed on the Lima Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols ALICORC1 and ALICORI1, respectively.


Alexander Pendavis, 511-315-0800 Ext.444410
Corporate Finance Director & IRO
Fax: (511) 315-0867


Alexander Pendavis, 511-315-0800 Ext.444410
Corporate Finance Director & IRO
Fax: (511) 315-0867