Lystable Launches Rebrand Campaign as They Focus on Freelancer Collaboration

Freelancer Collaboration Platform Retains San Francisco design agency Character and Recruits Freelancers Worldwide to Assist Founder and Agency As Advisors

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Lystable today announced the launch of its rebranding campaign to better reflect and communicate the company’s new position as the No.1 freelancer collaboration platform used by managers in publishing, fashion, content marketing, and video production.

Three freelancers will be hired to come to San Francisco. Freelancers interested in advising Lystable and Character on the rebranding project can apply here.

Lystable streamlines freelancer collaboration with its free platform for managing freelancers, assigning them work, tracking invoices and paying them on time. Just a few of Lystable’s customers today include The Economist, Expedia, Popsugar, Asos, NY Daily News, Airbnb, ESPN, CNBC, and Google.

“Over the last year as we discovered more about ourselves as a company and as we secured product market fit, the Lystable brand started to make less sense,” said Johnston. “It was born out of me ‘listing’ freelancers in a spreadsheet back when I was working at Google. But that felt like an ‘us vs. them’ thing -- like the freelancers were part of an external directory of talent, which is no longer what we do.”

While HR directory elements and traditional HR aspects remain, Lystable is now focused on enabling teams to collaborate with freelancers and getting them integrated into day-to day workflows, he added.

“Between defining a new category called freelancer collaboration and our introduction of international freelancer payments, it became clear that we needed a new name that better communicates our new direction and vision of work without boundaries,” said Johnston.

The number of freelance workers is growing quickly around the world, but especially in the U.S. where one in three workers are now freelancers. By 2020 – just three years away – that number is expected to grow to 40%, according to Deloitte Consulting’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report.

Johnston started Lystable in London in 2014. At the time, he was a designer for Google, where working with freelancers had become more and more central to his day-to-day projects. But the tools used to engage and collaborate with his freelancers had not adapted beyond what companies used for full-time workers. The tools were, old, clumsy and no single application could do it all.

Johnston left Google, and as a single founder joined and completed the Techstars program by himself, a first-time occurrence for the world’s leading startup accelerator. In early 2017, Lystable secured $21 million in Series A funding, led by Thiel’s Valar Ventures, and in September announced that PayPal co-founder Max Levchin was joining the Series A, and that the company was moving its headquarters to San Francisco.

“We know Lystable’s business first hand because we live it day in and day out,” said Ben Pham, Character’s creative director and co-founder. “That experience coupled with Lystable’s vision of a world with no limits or boundaries to whom you work with, will guide our rebranding work to awesome results, guaranteed.”

About Character

Character is a San Francisco-based, independent creative agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands through smart thinking and intelligent design.

About Lystable

Lystable is a freelancer collaboration platform. Managers in publishing, fashion, content marketing and video production streamline working with freelancers by using Lystable to manage profiles, assign work, track invoices and make payments. And it’s free. Founded in London in 2014, Lystable’s headquarters are in San Francisco. Investors include PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel through Valar Ventures and Max Levchin through SciFi VC, Goldcrest Capital, and Spring Partners.


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Lystable launches rebrand campaign as they focus on freelancer collaboration.


for Lystable
Lisa Tarter, 415-203-2462