JDA Delivers Faster, More Intelligent Decision-Making Capabilities with Latest Release

Latest JDA Intelligent Fulfillment release enables execution-enabled planning, intelligent execution and real-time visibility

LAS VEGAS & SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--JDA Software Group, Inc. today announced new capabilities within its JDA® Intelligent FulfillmentTM portfolio to enable organizations to make intelligent and profitable distribution decisions, which is critical to the business success of today’s multi-dimensional, increasingly complex supply chains. With this announcement, JDA continues to deliver on its strategy to seamlessly connect supply chain planning and execution processes spanning factories, warehouses and stores to profitably satisfy demand.

“The latest enhancements to JDA Intelligent Fulfillment iteratively optimize the end-to-end supply chain process, bringing in new intelligence streams that give visibility into capacity challenges, potential execution bottlenecks and real-world disruptions that impact the bottom line,” said Fabrizio Brasca, vice president, solution strategy, Intelligent Fulfillment, JDA. “In our view, the digital economy requires a shift from linear, batch-oriented planning to synchronous constraint-aware planning. JDA Intelligent Fulfillment supports intelligent, real-time planning and execution, resulting in more agile, profitable and responsive operations.”

Enhancements to JDA Intelligent Fulfillment encompass JDA Demand, JDA Fulfillment, JDA Transportation Management and JDA Warehouse Management.

JDA Demand

JDA Demand drives increases in revenue, profitability and customer service by reducing out-of-stocks and excess inventory via improved demand management processes.

New capabilities include:

  • Improved collaboration and agility. Through real-time, social collaboration embedded into key planning workflows, planning stakeholders can collaborate by sharing questions and comments intuitively, including the ability to automatically link the discussion to context.
  • More efficient workflows. New workflows are driven by persona-driven, predictive KPIs and dashboards. Highly configurable dashboards, exceptions and KPIs surface key focus areas using historical metrics and predictive KPIs that change dynamically as plans are altered.

JDA Fulfillment

JDA Fulfillment leverages real-time demand signals and forward-looking market forecasts to help customers create an accurate, time-phased inventory plan.

New capabilities include:

  • Constraint-aware planning. This gives warehouse planners the visibility to see space capacity issues before they occur, resulting in better distribution center storage management and more profitable and efficient replenishment. Alerting a planner to exceptions that may occur before the inventory is shipped to the warehouse helps them decide to delay shipments in or expedite shipments out, procure additional storage space or bypass a location entirely.
  • Customer-level prioritization and replenishment planning. This enables manufacturers to segment and prioritize supply for key customers -- planning orders, forecasts and even safety stock down to the customer level. Meanwhile, retailers can prioritize omni-channel demand signals and ensure that online or in-store orders are met first. Connecting planning to execution in the Intelligent Fulfillment design, this customer-segmented deployment plan can be passed directly to order promising, driving an allocated available to promise that continuously updates with the needs of key customers.

“More accurate visibility into real-world constraints means more intelligent decision-making, which ultimately impacts the bottom line, from reduced inventory levels and costs, to more agile, profitable and responsive operations, all leading to improved customer service and the bottom line,” added Brasca.

JDA Transportation Management

JDA Transportation Management maximizes efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins in today’s omni-channel world.

New capabilities include:

  • Packaged integration with TransVoyant, FourKites and INTTRA. These integrations uniquely enable carrier connectivity, efficient on-boarding, real-time visibility and predictive analytics. Leveraging predictive analytics helps customers see how their plan might change in advance based on weather, natural disasters and other supply chain disruptions. By maximizing lead time needed to re-plan based on current assumptions, customers can therefore avoid supply chain disruptions. (see accompanying ‘JDA Unleashes Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Across its Portfolio with TransVoyant’ release).
  • Re-driving enhancements enable system self-awareness. This allows for more prescriptive, efficient, and profitable auto-recalculation of routes and repositioning of equipment and global movements. Re-driving also provides a full view of planned versus actual movements, scheduling and rating details, and the ability to reschedule the remainder of the movement given current location.
  • Forthcoming integrations with new partners MacroPoint and 10-4. Future integration with MacroPoint will give shippers and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) real-time visibility into load status. Future integration with 10-4’s real-time visibility Freight Portal platform will provide single-source visibility, allowing shippers to manage exceptions for in-transit shipments and view carrier partner analytics.
  • Mobility helps drivers be more efficient and productive. New capabilities include real-time electronic proof of delivery and signature capture. This functionality is available to all customers with fleet and driver assets across all industries, including grocery, retail, consumer goods and wholesale distribution.

JDA Warehouse Management

JDA Warehouse Management helps manufacturers, retailers, distributors and 3PLs thrive in an ever-changing omni-channel world by providing the power to quickly adapt to change, and optimize and execute the tasks to get the right inventory, at the right location, at the right time.

New capabilities include:

  • A revised user experience within JDA Warehouse Management and JDA Warehouse Labor Management. The updated interface provides the right information at the right time and right on the warehouse floor. New dashboards ensure labor activities are properly tracked and measured through an intuitive user experience. And, by leveraging mobile devices on the warehouse floor, managers and supervisors can measure employee productivity against expectations for more proactive labor management.
  • New business analysis capabilities help identify trends, plan effectively and take action. In tandem with IBM Cognos Analytics, JDA provides drillable, actionable and configurable dashboards to identify key trends and opportunities. Mobile reporting provides up-to-date exception monitoring and self-service capabilities, making it simple for executives, managers and end users to get the data they need, and have a holistic view into reliable analysis for effective decision-making.

Overall, new enhancements to the JDA Intelligent Fulfillment portfolio address iterative planning and execution between JDA Transportation Management and JDA Warehouse Management. Iterative planning takes real-world constraints into account when making changes to the outbound order planned by the host, even after the order has been allocated at the shipping warehouse, but is yet to be picked. This reduces impact of execution-level exceptions and optimizes trailer utilization to full loads rather than underutilized loads. JDA Intelligent Fulfillment also enables location-aware replenishment planning, giving visibility into the future needs for capacity (i.e. labor, space, yard) at the warehouse, enabling planners to make the right replenishment decisions before capacity options are limited or restricted.

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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
Director, Corporate Communications